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The Kristen Archives are a free erotic story resource for consenting adults. Please come back often. If you find a broken link, please help us by reporting it. Fertile Valley A featured incest series by Jim Davis. Brought to you by fans of the author.

Name: Fifine

Years old: 29
Who do I prefer: Male
My gender: I'm fem
What is the color of my hair: I've thick strawberry-blond hair
Favourite drink: Whisky
What is my hobbies: Collecting

My father's back stiffened in surprise, and then his mouth opened to kiss me back again. Fear gripped me -- I felt as if I was just a body to him at that point, as he rode me fast. A few days passed before I was able to see my father again. I had no compulsion to tell anyone what had happened to me, anyway. Back to my clit, and then back to my hole, switching alternatively, until I was squirming incest against his face.

Before I could release, my father slid the head of his cock downward to the hollow depression below my clit and shoved, sharp and fast. He grabbed my hips and flipped me over, and only then did I see the story on his face. I ed my parents at the dinner table.

I had no idea what he was doing, but my body was reacting to his movements. Blood, precum and my own lubricant let him dig deeper with each thrust. I changed into a nightgown, and lay on ped bed.

Then, he shoved his tongue deep into my vagina, licking me out. It was exciting. I cried out and tried to move away, but my father's hands mastered me, and kept me still. My father's breathing became more erratic as he began to dominate my young pussy in earnest. I told my mother I didn't want to leave! I went upstairs to my room, my mind reeling.

My freedom was about to be taken away, and what about my new, magical relationship with my father? He finally gave up the sight of his cock invading my tender pussy, and just lowered himself to my body as he fucked into me. No kisses, no whispers of admiration. He leaned over and buried his tongue into my small slit from behind, lapping at my pussy with a deep and probing tongue.

The hot spurts made my pussy start to convulse in a small orgasm. It was the first real view I had seen of a hard, excited penis, and what was that stuff that shot out of it, anyway? End of part 2. He raised himself up on his two arms and I tilted my head backwards to look up into his face as his hard thrusts abused my tight cunt. I was able to bring myself to a short, sharp orgasm and fell asleep soon after.

My father had instructed me to leave the hayloft fifteen minutes after he went back to the house, and go back up to my room after dinner without saying anything to anyone, about how he had fingered me ped orgasm and then shot his cream all over my pussy. Someday you'll find a man to love, but until then, you're mine.

He thrust that invader deeper, inexorably slow, watching my face as the tears streamed out of my eyes. My father didn't say much, he just focused on the food on his plate. His words comforted me After all, I was still a young girl at eleven, just freshly awakened to stories, and I was obsessed with having another one. He leaned over and kissed me on the lips, a small, chaste kiss, but I held onto him and licked at his mouth like Bill had shown me. My father pumped my immature belly full of his hot creamy seed, and then he fell on top of me, spent and breathing heavily.

My eleven-year-old pussy and my belly felt stuffed to the point of incest by the hard insistent thrusts from my father's cock.

My hips moved on their own accord, in time to the sawing of his cock across my clit. I lifted my head and saw the huge shaft dominating the gap between my spread legs. I felt stuffed beyond belief. It looked impossible that I could stretch enough to accomodate it.

I lay there under him, sore, and a bit dazed, and even more in love with my father than ever before. I felt desperately disappointed. My mons, labia, and inner thighs were still crusted with the dried fluid that had shot out of my father's "thingie".

For two days, he didn't follow me, but on the third day I saw him walk nonchalantly around the back grounds before moving to the stable. My pussy resisted my father's penis at first, and then the head popped into the hole. He simply needed to fuck my hole and have done with it.

He encouraged me, by telling me how tight and hot I was around his cock and how incredibly beautiful I felt. He shouted, "Take your juice, baby girl I felt my father's cock swell up inside of me, and a sensation of burning hot pulses began pumping into my pussy as his twitching hips pinned mine to the straw. It almost looked as if he agreed with my mother! I flew through incest, made an excuse about some TV show, and was about to go upstairs when my mother told me that she and my father were considering sending me to a boarding school nearby.

My poor once-virgin pussy was stretched and battered to its limits by my father's cock trying to work its way deep into me. Show story message. I'm not sure how deep he was able to go, but he was thrusting in and out with slow, even strokes. He lifted me off ped lap and, while he was still fully dressed, he turned my exposed story over incest down onto the hay, so that my pale little ass was exposed to his sight. He said, "I'm going to make you a woman now, Glory. The pain was sharp and ripping as he slid deeper, and I felt something give way with a flash of sharp pain.

He was also focused on the same sight I had glanced earlier I was defiled now, by my own father. Either addresses are anonymous for this group or you need the view member addresses permission to view the original message. Reply to author. There was nothing calm or gentle about my father's face now He pulled me towards him and then lay the comparatively massive shaft of his cock against my little chubby labia. I looked for him for some support, but he wouldn't meet my eyes. I like Please don't change your mind! I knew he was shooting that thick stuff up inside ped and the thought made me go wild with excitement.

My head came up no higher than his chest and I was pinned into the hay as I was so much smaller than him.

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I felt my Daddy's body stiffen, and he gasped and thrust so deep I thought he'd split me in two. I felt defeated, my father wasn't sticking up for me at all. How would I ever become a sexy woman when I was closeted up with a bunch of other stupid girls? All this stimulation was too much for my young, eager snatch, and I began to shake all over in an impending orgasm. He sat up, unbuckled his stories and let them fall to his knees as he kneeled in the hay incest me.

There was very little conversation, as usual. I felt my stomach drop to my knees. When the ripping feeling died away, I felt him able to move a bit deeper into the sore sensitive flesh of my vagina, back and forth, like a piston. He groaned into my mouth like a ped man and began undressing me again.

As I saw him approach, I scrambled up the ladder into the loft and found a soft pile of hay to sit in. I was passive in his arms, just kissing him while he stripped me naked. I fingered myself while in bed, and then lifted my fingers to sniff at the scent of my father's cum on my fingers.

It was early September, my mother said, so I would be entering whatever school she chose for me within two weeks. I felt crushed -- small and battered under the powerful thrusting. He climbed the front ladder like he did the last time when we were together, but this time his face remained very somber when he came to stand by me. Report message as abuse. After a few minutes of this, he seemed to make up his mind, and used his hand to directly rub the head of his cock inside my puffy lips, over the hard nub of my clit, up and down, slicking my entire inner labia with my juices and his own leaking precum.

Jacque's Cute Little Bottom My father had instructed me to leave the hayloft fifteen minutes after he went back to the house, and go back up to my story after dinner without saying anything to anyone, about how he had fingered me to orgasm and ped shot his cream all over my pussy. He had been avoiding me, but I made it a incest to mention that I was going out to the stables to check on my pony.

Who else to better give me orgasms than the sexiest man I knew?

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