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Name: Adi

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I listened to my in-laws in the kitchen, and I heard my father in law say he was going to go for a drive to see some friends after breakfast. Then I put it to the side and stood directly in front of her. She caught another glimpse of me as I answered her.

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As soon as my mother in law saw me, she crossed her arms over her breasts. She told me she was going to make breakfast for her and my father in law. She told me I could grab the clothing and bedsheets from my kids rooms. I turned around and walked back into my bedroom and decided to take things to another level.

What I liked even more was that she pretended to ignore what she had seen and she continued to talk to me for a brief time before heading down the stairs toward the kitchen. She bent over and started separating the clothing from the sheets I just put in front of her.

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Then she looked up suddenly and asked if I wanted anything to eat. After we finished in my bedroom, she told me to follow her into my son's room. I heard my mother in law come out of her bedroom and I decided to walk out of my bedroom too.

I grabbed some fresh sheets and walked to one side of the bed while my mother in law stood on the other side. I was holding the bedsheets in front of me because I felt nervous about fully exposing myself to her. My bedroom door is right at the top of the stairs so I ran from the bathroom to my room before she could see me.

My mother in law wasn't even looking away now. I caught her looking at me several times. I pretending like I had no idea my penis was popping out and acted as naturally as I could. As she walked away, I walked over to the hamper in my closet and put the bedsheets in there. Her eyes were glued to my crotch. I finally tossed one end of the bedsheet to her and we proceeded to make the bed. I turned around and faced her.

Posted Dec 3, by anonymous views 63 comments. I was so aroused and I wished I could just watch her take off her tee so that I could see her soft, saggy breasts up close and personal. This was my opportunity to have some fun.

She had just finished putting a load of laundry on and she walked toward me.

By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. I asked. She had never asked me to help with housework. I told her I only had to leave for work that afternoon. She asked if I was busy. She called me over to where she was and asked me to dump the contents of the hamper onto the pile she was sorting through in front of her. My in-laws have been staying with us over the last several weeks on a long vacation and occasionally, I see my mother in law walking around the house with a tight white tee shirt and no bra, usually in the morning, after she wakes up.

My wife had already left for work and my kids had gone to school. I started to strip the bed sheets off my bed so my mother in law could see what I was doing when she got to the top of the stairs. I did not have any underwear on and my pajama pants have a opening in the front with 1 button keeping it closed. I did see her eyes look down again before she turned toward the stairs. I figured my little game had gone as far as it would go so I turned to walk away.

She didn't seem to mind it at all. I had felt more of my length come out of the opening in the pajama bottoms, but I did nothing to try to cover up.

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The idea of seeing her naked gets me aroused, but I have never been lucky enough to see her in her birthday suit. I have 3 kids so I made 3 trips back and forth to the laundry room with all their hampers and every time I dumped a hamper, my mother in law's eyes would casually look down toward my exposed cock as she bent over to continue sorting the laundry. I continued to stand in front of her as she worked and I figured I would start a conversion just to give me an excuse to continue standing in front of her.

I told her I had the bedsheets and some stuff in the hamper. I stood in front of her with my robe partially opened and I saw her eyes move down and pause around my crotch level. I decided that I had the perfect opportunity to do something very risky. She knew her nipples were hard and almost visible through her tee shirt. I saw her eyes look down and widen as she got a good look at my penis head poking out through the opening of my pjs. I fiddled with the sheets and watched her so I could see if she was looking at my exposed cock. This told me she wanted to keep checking me out.

I heard my father in law come out of the bedroom and I covered up so that he couldn't see anything.

Saw mother in law naked in shower, what do i say?

I answered her by telling her yes, I would help her. This brought a little smile to my face. I decided it was time to go forward with my plan. I felt brave. I made sure my robe was fully open and untied so my mother in law could get a better view of my manhood. Just seeing her like that made my cock shift under my pajama bottoms.

She told me to bring anything I had to the laundry room. My mother in law is in her mid 60's now and I am For years, I have been infatuated with my mother in law. I even found that as I walked around this way, more of my penis would pop out of the opening. I fantasize about her whenever I see her or if I know I'm going to see her, and I always try to imagine what she looks like naked.

I flashed my mother in law, but she was the one who surprised me.

She would look up occasionally as we talked. I looked in the mirror in my room and the tip of my cock was clearly visible through the opening. She then asked if I would mind helping her make all the beds. I turned and lead the way to my bedroom. She walked into my bedroom and asked if I had any dirty laundry. She acted completely normal and would continue our conversations as I stood there flashing her.

I flipped the hamper over and dumped it out. My heart was pounding in my chest. After breakfast, I heard my father in law go out the front door and I heard my mother in law walk toward the stairs. Then I walked into the laundry room where my mother in law was separating the whites and colored clothes. I asked her if she needed any help with anything. I put on my bathrobe and tied in loosely in the front so that the front of my pajama bottoms could be seen. I usually sleep in the nude and I only put on pajama bottoms and a tee shirt to walk out of my bedroom.

I had the hamper in front of me so she still couldn't see my protruding penis when she saw me walk in.

Then she asked me if I was going to work. I walked over to my bedroom door and said good morning and pretended to go to the bathroom. I would stay in my pajama pants this morning and "accidentally" flash my mother in law. I knew she had just seen my cock and it got me very excited. It is approaching winter where I live and my house is cool in the morning, because I turn down the heat before bed.

We said good morning to each other and she walked into the guest bedroom. On this particular morning, I walked out of my bedroom just as my mother in law walked out of the bathroom and I got a peek at how hard her nipples were, perfectly outlined underneath the thin, white cotton of her tight tee shirt. Then I unbuttoned the button keeping the opening in the front of my bottoms closed so that the head of my penis could poke out of the opening.

As I fantasized about her, an idea popped into my head. My mother in law said she was staying behind to do some laundry. I answered not really. She had put on a robe to cover up a bit, but I could see that she still had her white tee on underneath.

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