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Amanda: I've got breasts, Chuck. I can make men do whatever I want. I could even make you punch yourself for a peek at these. How do you get something you want from another person?

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It's taken to such an extreme at one point early on that she's able to perform a literal Jedi Mind Trick on a guard using only the power of her breasts. Batman: It appears that there are more effective techniques than a rubber hose Alfred: I made them big enough that you would get preferential treatment, but not so big that you'd be remembered.

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In Liberty MeadowsJen convinces Frank to come with her to a party with this technique. Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop hints that this may be the reason behind her iconic outfit. That is not love. Munich : This is a distinctly unfunny aversion. However, Ukraine has Gag Boobs that even have their own sound effect, while Russia's a dude. Dragon Ball : Bulma tries to invoke this occasionally.

Noh-Varr: This is true. Kaiba: Those BECK: How? By making the human race think that you're a god? The boys immediately fold, declaring Enma's bra size isn't worth risking their lives for, and not even Enma throwing her bra off on the spot will persuade them to return. A little doll filled with pins?

They shoot her dead right where she stands. Noh-Varr: Have I mentioned I have mind control saliva? The Manyu Ninja clan exists to manipulate this society for the shogunate's benefit by deflating the breasts of enemies of the state to get them outcast.

For related tropes, see any of similar story beats about women showing off to cause stuff to happen: Distracted by the SexyFavors for the SexyHoney TrapSexpositionShow Some Leg. Community Showcase More. ME's power was the ability to shine, er The responses from the guys were hilarious.

Get Known if you don't have an. Manipulative seduction, of course, can happen in real life, but is rarely if ever this straightforward. In episode nine of Kamen no Maid Guy Naeka infiltrates a cake shop for her friends to find out why the place is so successful.

It's just that their mostly male customers are completely enamored with the waitresses all of whom have large breasts. In the same scene, there's a Funny Background Event : little Belarus, listening to Ukraine's speech and making snow boobs.

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Hawkeye: It's okay. Bree: When you've got tits like mine you only have to tease— boys'll do just about anything if they think they might get a taste. Ukraine tells Russia to 'show them your breasts! Basically the central conceit of Manyu Hikencho : in this manga's version of medieval Japan, a bigger bust confers wealth and social status for the woman possessing it.

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That's right. After she had retrieved a Super-Cycle from an archaeological dig, mousy but slightly hot Nina Dowd was transformed into the voluptuous Mighty Endowed. However, when Torako sees them, and sees that Enma is clearly embarrassed by the whole thing, she swings a steel beam at the boys and politely tells them they shouldn't bully.

In Young Justicethe first villain the team ever fought literally had this trope as her superpower.

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The girls took him down with a bodysuit that had guns hidden in the breasts. It doesn't work. Chapter 3 of Torako, Anmari Kowashicha Dame da yo has Enma getting roped into promising to show off her boobs to any boys who help her defeat Torako. It worked on Jiraiyathough. Narutodespite being maletried to use this on Killer B via shapeshifting. A series of Dilbert comic strips showed a woman whose only quality was the ability to do this, much to the annoyance of the less "feminine" Alice.

Invoked and lampshaded in Otaku no Musume-san. Many parts of my body are mind control.

For the record, she was defeated when her newly gigundus breasts caused her to lose her balance and fall flat on her face, blocking her powers. Power Girl the Most Common Superpower incarnate tried to use this a time or two with varying levels of success.

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Barnabas: Oh. Janeway: Your amazing breasts I mean powers of persuasion have worked. You need to to do this. How do you control so many at once? In a later appearance, she literally had to have a pair of male minions help her stand.

Yes, because writers think All Men Are Pervertswomen don't even need to pretend that getting sex is a likelihood or even a possibility. The author even goes so far as to put in a sidebar note "Are huge breasts truly righteous!? Suggested in the Beach Episode of Rahxephon. Logical arguments, diplomacy, trading, bribery, force, or — if you're a woman trying to persuade a man — the mere fact of having tatas. Susan: If you ever want to play with these again, let alone see them again, promise me you'll never pull another stunt like that one again. Rafe: I'm not going to tell you those aren't the Breasts of the Century, but I'm just not digging the owner, so why don't you put those away - you're just not my type.

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Emma: It's easy to control leering monkeys, Pyro, when they all have the same thought. Comic Books. Ayato's drawing ability becomes known, Cathy McMahon subtly rubs one of her breasts in Ayato face, 'suggesting' that he pick her as his next subject. Bleach : Rangiku Matsumoto's not above using her appeal to help her get what she wants, such as the time she tried to convince Ichigo to let her sleep at his house by unbuttoning her already partially undone blouse.

It doesn't work, since B Likes Older Women. It turns out it has nothing to with the food because it's terrible.

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A female assassin kills a member of the Israeli team, and when they come for revenge, she exposes her breasts to them and tries to bargain. One subversion in the original Dragon Ball actually involves Bulma offering a lot more than a peek to General Blue, who is consequently horrified by the prospect, hinting his tastes run The only time this tactic has worked for Bulma is when she has to cajole Master Roshi into giving up a dragon ball. All they have to do is possess secondary sexual characteristics to get men to do their bidding.

It seldom does much good: Yamcha is too bibbledy over her to be useful, Vegeta is too much of a Jerkassand though Goku will usually help her out, it's because his Grandpa taught him to be nice to women, not because he is particularly attracted to them. We try not to over-use it.

It works, as she has a small army ready to take on Torako. This trope. Follow TV Tropes.

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Films — Live Action. Barnabas: With what, a spell? Mio shows why she's the one Setouchi student. Tea tries this during the "Cancelled Series" story arc to convince Kaiba to come with them. Pyro: Hot damn! Angelique: What if I made you [rekindle]? Due to forces unexpectedshe ends up giving the Turtle Hermit a bit more than she thought she did One episode of Golden Boy has a busty blonde as an office boss.

Erin Brockovich : When asked how she will gain evidence: "They're called boobs, Ed. I could rule the place with the right set of mammary glands. This is another one that's fallen somewhat out of favor in The New '10sexcept when it's Played for Laughswhich is where it works best.

Comic Strips. Superman: I wish all my interrogations went so easily. At one point a common gag was to have a woman try this on a male character who would turn out to be gaybut this version is becoming a Forgotten Trope in recent times. How do you get something you want from another person? You're Under Arrest! Aside from the occasional reference usually comedicbut sometimes insulting in the manga and its related omakesthe anime takes this much further and has a field day using Matsumoto's chest as actual weapons to help her manipulate men usually Hisagi.

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