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Post a Comment. I drove. Mom sat beside me in the passenger seat, her big tits shimmying under a form-fitting silk blouse and her hips teaching a black cotton miniskirt the true meaning of the word curves. As we buckled in and I cranked the ignition, she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I glanced down: uncharacteristically, she had left the top two buttons of her blouse undone, and her monsters were swelling together out of a demi-bra, with a good four inches of cleavage leading down into paradise.

Name: Florina

Years: 24
Ethnic: Brazilian
I prefer to drink: Vodka

You can find the full story in the Incest section of the Sex Stories site; look under top rated, all time, and it should be on 2. Lawrence I didn't write this. Right now. Search Forums. The truth is that my girlfriends - even the ones I just palled around with - were jealous of Mom.

No facetious pouting on their parts, only genuine, jaw-clenching, blood-greening envy. Dad hadn't been a very strong presence in the family lately and had never showed much interest in her. I'd drink the shake while she sat on the bed and yawned happily. One day as I lay on my bed stroking my huge dick with both hands and fantasizing about fucking her doggy-style, her ass quivering and her tits swinging back and forth, I noticed a can of Lemon Pledge the maid had left in my room.

I had no idea when they had last fucked, and I didn't want to know. She dangled them from her pinched thumb and index finger, one item in each hand.

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If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Oh, god. She was protective, panicking whenever I didn't get home on time or forgot to call. I folded my hands under my head with pride and just looked at my dick, pointing straight up like a fleshy, engorged obelisk, the aerosol can of penises, its head dark and purple and as big as a racket ball. Forum Rules. Stories from the Net.

1 to 6 of 6. She wasn't even into the bra and panties yet, but in my mind she was already out of them. One evening, a girl I'd dated occasionally called me, but not to chat. It began about an hour after dinner on a Thursday evening. Thank you, sweetheart. My one and only goal for my sophomore year was to play cornerback on the varsity football team, so I spent the summer working out twice a day and binging like Oprah Winfrey after a week of bad ratings.

You're pretty gorgeous yourself. Mom's lusty comments kept coming at me, and I was pretty sure she had noticed that along with my biceps, my cock was getting very, very big. They were the exact same length and width.

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Do you think he'll like them? When I was helping her clean out a store room one hot day in early July, I was carrying a heavy box and holding the door for her when she paused behind me and groped my straining biceps. Mom tittered. In her hands she held a black velvet demi-bra and a matching pair of panties.

Mom and I were at home and Dad's flight was due in late. I was just about to call a buddy to go to the movies when Mom's fingers rapped lightly on my open door. Advanced Search. My active social life pleased her but she was jealous of my girlfriends, even the ones I just palled around with.

She was so used to the crass come-ons from men on the street and blithe indifference from her husband, with nothing between the two. But this time I didn't care. Reaching Mom's doorway, I nonchalantly looked inside. She was my mother and sex would simply never happen. It seemed she and I were both built for one thing. They're for your father. I was quite possibly going to see the hottest thing in underwear since Marilyn Monroe had posed with her skirt in the air over that subway grate.

I decided to pretend she was a girlfriend and say what came naturally. It was madness. Members Erotic Stories. She was suspicious of my buddies.

She'd come into my bedroom every morning at five with a protein shake and wake me with a feathery dare on my arm. Once when she took a long stretch, her arms overhead and her braless cantaloupes practically exploding out of her satin nightgown, I had to shift under the covers to hide the bulge of my throbbing cock.

I've been sitting here swelling your head for nothing? You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Create now to. She'd been going to the gym with me a couple of times a week, and it was beginning to show: her triceps were nicely defined and her round ass was riding even higher than usual in her jeans. I was pretty sure I had spotted her stealing a couple of glances at my crotch though my jeans, and one afternoon by the pool, I caught her gazing right at my bulge as I vaulted off the diving board.

Then came the staged pouting. Just imagining you in them is turning me on. The massive scale of the bra cups sent a shudder of lust down my legs. The shakes you steaks, along with all the hours of weightlifting, paid off. By the end of the summer, my five-foot-ten-inch frame had filled out to a well-defined pounds. What's New? Welcome to the Sex Stories Post. I played second-string on the lawrence team that year and continued my regimen. When I wasn't at Smitty's Gym doing squats, I was in the kitchen or the den with a plate of steak and rice.

I was getting the distinct impression that my mother wanted me. By the following June, I was six feet flat and a husky, sinewy And Mom was really taking notice. Mom's eyes widened at me and she seemed draw a long, pensive breath. After bringing me my shake one morning and kissing me on the cheek, her lips moved to my ear and whispered, "Wake up, you big tiger.

(g h lawrence) built for one thing (from sex stories)

Modest beauty is such a wondrous thing. Dad was decent and smart but socially inept, and I refused to believe he could satisfy any woman - least of all, Mom. Plus, he was five-six with a bad combover and a gut full of Ding-Dongs. All I could think about was lifting that tank top and sucking her tits, then pulling down those jeans and sticking my big cock in her pussy.

No one would blame her. She had been complimentary since the start of my training program, but as my shoulders broadened and she noticed she was looking up into my eyes for the first time she's five-tenher affectionate took on new character, a longing that seemed faintly carnal. I was in my bedroom sitting on my bed and trying to get my mind off Mom, who had kept my cock at full mast all day with a knit top and a pair of tight Levis.

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The room was moody and long-shadowed with the light from a single bedside lamp. Welcome guest, is this your first visit? That made me smile.

A minute later, she called out from her room, "Okay, honey, come see. This is from the Sex Stories section of the website, and it's one of my absolute favorites on this site other than "Family Friend", it's my fav! There are currently 1 users browsing this thread.

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My knees almost curled. My brash, earnest praise had sunk in deep. But you look so hot in anything, Mom. Your body is beyond belief. I held it against my cock. Mom wasn't attracted to him. I had to chop off the beginning of the story because it deals with some of the backstory, but the main character, Bobby, is as young as nine in the early part of the story. After meeting her, they never wanted to come to the house, and when they did, Mom's statuesque looks made them stamp their feet and grumble some escape plan like, "Let's go to the mall.

I wanted her all to myself. But those notions were beginning to depress me.

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A warm silence fell. I had a ten-inch johnson with my mother's name on it. Then she'd trot off to run errands or take a shower, her jugs swaying under a cotton button-down or one of her old college sweatshirts and her ass giving a pair of khaki shorts a very delicious shape. Mom loved serving as my personal chef and studied a whole bookshelf of bodybuilding cookbooks. It was understandable.

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Lawrence I Jenny looked down between her splayed legs and I felt a slight frisson travel up her small frame.

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