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Humiliating Lesson School When I was in Jr High I was part of a group of girls that liked to gang up on other younger kids and humiliate them just for fun. Our favorite was to gang up on a victim usually a boyde-pants them, and taunt them bottomless to see how humiliated we could make them.

Name: Viva

How old am I: 27
What is my ethnicity: I'm english
Hair: Brunet

I never did because it was just to embarrssing to tell. Granted, I'd always expected them to at least tear her top off, since she allowed so much grabbing, kissing, and sexual playing, so, the idea that they wanted her naked wasn't a surprise. And, Ah! But also had to know she'd end up naked for a group of new grad boys. So utterly humiliating I had to leave school to save myself the shame of every in school finding out about it.

Confess Something. My mother used to make me do the dishes not caring if my brother was in the house or not. Told my parents it was because of all the drugs floating around school. I knew she would be. It was 2am when his wife showed me the bedroom were I would be spending the night. Yeah right!

Bullied and stripped naked at work, then humiliated in public

My hot older sister is a teacher. Saturday night we had been driking with their neighbour friends. I sudently found myself living with my mother and a step father that kept groping me sexually.

I'll never forget her laughing while her boy friend lusted over my private parts. I knew some of the girls I went with to the beach were jealous of me, because I looked sexier than them in bikini. I just move in with my boy friend and never went back. I was 15 when my older sister walked into the bathroom with her boy friend while I was in the shower.

I was 17, one of the few white girls in school and sure it was racially motivated.

She ended up naked for the remainder of the day, as the door to the house was blocked. Really showing of the 38's, put it that way.

Humiliated stories

I was 15 and ran out of the party in a rush. And me and hot guy end up hooking up in a random bed room upstairs. The new grad guys start showing up, all hugging her, kissing her, and grabbing at her. Half an hour later she came into my room, told she had mixed sleeping pills in her husbands drink and took her nighty off.

‘embarrassed’ stories

My mother knew about it, but so scared of loosing him she story ignored it. Random Confession. I remember running wet and naked down the hall to my room thinking I could never tell anyone about it. Over heard them saying "look at her flaunting her stuff in a string bikini" Having guys and even their own boyfriends looking at me didn't sit very well. I was 14 years old and old enough to feel embarrassed about my brother seing me so bare. I was so scared they would tell my mother, they dragged me naked naked to embarrasse me in front him. I took it as just tough talk till she ganged up on me with a bunch of her girl friends.

A link that will let you reset your password has been ed to you. She has a bbq for the graduating seniors, mostly all guys, at the end of the school year, and I usually go, too. I want to be humiliated like this. I remember telling me to suck harder. I had a humiliating experience- been at a huge college house party.

So shocked I didn't even have time to feel humiliated. Like us? Went through the same shame during my high school years. They're going to strip her the second she dives in.

That same day the girl came up to me telling me she was going to kick my ass. Day proceeds, and I keep hearing, from a few of them "we gotta get her naked". It all happed in just 20 minutes but to me it felt endless. I was so disgusted when he dropped his pants and told me to open my mouth. That's when I knew.

It was like one of those wet dreams where you find yourself in front of a bunch of people with no clothes on. Never saw them coming. I feel always so embarrassed there and she forbids me to cover me.

She admits to flirting and showing off for them all the humiliating, notably the athletes. I had never been seen so naked in public. I remember her telling him "you want to see my sister naked " while grabbing my towel and anything else I could use to cover myself. Could have done anything even if I tried.

I was more curious as to how they'd do it. He was just as abusive as my mother and would snap fictures of me naked with cel phone to show them to his friends later. Girls in the party were fuming because boys did nothing else but try to look under my skirt. Never found out who they were. She agrees, and slowly, like a teasing dancer, peels off her shorts, to expose thong bikini bottoms. My mother got a devorce naked I was 17 and re-married a guy that she had had a sexual affair behind my father's back.

My mom is a nudist and she forces me to participate in nudist events. It was like a gang mentality. The horrible thing was, my mother kept punishing me naked till I was 18 only because she knew she couldn't keep from leaving the house and could decide to report her.

Nothing was said story, I'm sure my mother figured that something had happed but didn't really care. I wish this would happen to me so badly.

Totally naked

I remember getting cornered and harassed by a group of black girls in a beaten vacant house near school, used by students to smoke weed. At least her boy friend saved me from further embarrassment by not telling anyone. The degrading part of it, was that it all was disguised as a friendly prank and almost had to laugh about it. If you do not receive your shortly, please check your spam folder. Me being in her shoes, would looking for a place to hide and figuring out a way out such a humiliating situation.

Not if. I got kicked and dragged by my legs through the parking lot with my skirt an panties yanked off. Few years ago, I went to the bbq, and, she was in frayed, ratty shorts and a tiny, black bikini top. I scrambled to grab my clothes but the girl snatched them.

My husband and I have a different woman every month stay w us at our beach house. I was staying with them over the weekend in there guest room. My story is more humiliating than embarrassing. The guys were hooting and hollering all sorts of things at her. The truth was I felt publicly humiliated and sexually assaulted, just to thrill everyone's sexual desires.

Later in the day, the guys jump in the pool and egg her on to them, nearly begging, using the "we're all going to college somewhere and probably won't see you again" story trip on her. I'm now enrolled in a better high school.

Rarely do girls show up, as they know, my sister will wear as little as possible, they don't measure up, and, most guys who go have known her for years. Sure enough, not three minutes passed before they had her humiliating, splashing, grabbing, and tearing her top and bottoms off. Even when I finished the dishes, she would forced me to stay naked so I wouldn't leave the house. I never did out of embarrassment of everyone finding out. I got caught naked with my girl friend in a public shower by four guys that stormed to look at us.

I remember we had to parade ourselves naked in front of them and endure some groping to get our clothes back. I'm sure most of them were glad to see my bikini stripped off. I made the comment talking with my girl friends. She's laughing, saying NO NO not my bottoms! I have been cheating on my husband for I have naked made more money than my I seduced my uncle when I was I use to have nightmares humiliating going to school because I knew boys had seen the stories and there was no lying about to save myself the embarrassment.

With a bunch of hot guys watching. I went through a similar embarrassment naked I went to a party dressed in a short skirt.

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Due to serious illness, Amy House, the author of the first three chapters, was unable to continue writing The Girl Bully.

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I once saw a boy in high school lifting a girls skirt so everyone laugh at her.

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Recently, I asked some of my favorite travel bloggers to share stories of embarrassing moments from the road.