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Extrovert humiliate picking friend for story

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Name: Georgeta

Years old: 21
I speak: Italian
Body type: I'm quite overweight
Piercing: Ear piercing

My wife had arranged this party, so I knew that there would naturally be a lot of men there. I want to find out more about you growing up and that.

You know how the boys from work get. Everyone broke out in laughter, including Beth. My wife went back downstairs and strutted to the middle of the living room. I saw Peter walk by first with what looked like a hard on in his pants. She is wearing an extremely short miniskirt that goes one or two inches above the line where her ass and legs meet.

My wife, despite wearing a shirt that clearly showed the top of her nipples and her big, bouncy breasts, and a miniskirt that if she bent over would show you every little detail between her legs, was clearly trying to attract attention. You know that I have to pee a lot when I get drunk.

Cuckolded and humiliated by the cocky neighborhood bully

I could see a wet stain on her bathing suit on the pussy part. The two cuckolds said that they worked with my wife and indicated that they would be leaving soon. I could hear everything going on downstairs in the living room, and I knew that I story be able to hear everything in our master bedroom right beside the guest room. Her tits were completely out, bouncing as she walked.

And it just so happens that that makes me happy! But I also humiliated that I was utterly powerless. I was a bit mad. It got worse after midnight, though. She is one of the most attractive women in our neighbourhood, and was always one of the hottest women whenever we went to a bar or somewhere in public.

Since then, I have confessed to my wife that I enjoyed watching her with other men, and often fantasized about it on the nights when she went out with her friends or when she went to dinner with a co-worker for a few hours. Immediately a wave of dread came over me. I followed her downstairs and stood in the doorway as the four guys gawked. I was stunned. It was only a few people, really. Suddenly the room was silent, except for some soft sucking and kissing noises.

Every man at the party will be watching her. Beth stood in the middle of the room and twirled around, showing every man all the parts to her body. On our honeymoon, I was humiliated by Beth for the first time. I found myself looking for her and asking around but most of the guys just smirked when I asked where she was. I think Peter and Bill might be trying to sleep with me, and I just want to tease them a bit. Sometimes one of the guys from work would check in on me to make sure I was alright, but nothing else happened.

But that still left 2 other guests…probably Bill and Peter, I thought to myself. So stop whining. It was completely see-through, and you could see everything: her nipples, her tits, her pussy lips, her ass. I did know that something was up; my wife kept leaving to go to the bathroom and usually another guy would follow her upstairs. You see. But what disturbed me the most is that when they came back downstairs, Peter sat down in the armchair in the living room, where everyone was.

My suspicions were confirmed when I heard the footsteps coming up the stairs.

‘cuckold humiliation’ stories

She would go for twenty minutes at a time. My wife had gone to dinner with him before, and once went on an overnight business trip with him. A brief bit of background: me and Beth got married six years ago.

Around 9 p. This was too much for me. At about 1 a.

A husband is humiliated by a sexy slut wife

You can watch me change, though, if you like. She was stunning in it. You can tell by looking at Beth that she was built for fucking: she has wide, baby-making hips, and an equally wide, round ass that is usually covered by a thong. I was incredibly aroused; my cock was throbbing. Most story guys, and they all chatted up my wife at different points in the evening. I thought I heard a soft moan come from my wife, so I had to go over to the master bedroom and look in. If the guys downstairs heard me protest too loud the walls and floors are pretty thin then they might come up here to find out what was cuckold on.

I really did not want my wife to go back downstairs. Defeated, I went upstairs to the guest bedroom and went to bed with all my clothes on. I promise! I had to go to bed. I watched as Peter rubbed her back while she sat on his lap. He might hear you! And that was her excuse for going to his bedroom for the two nights. The party soon turned to talking about women, as it humiliated down to 4 guys aside from me.

Her new bathing suit was a white, one piece suit, and she looked so buxom in it it was unfit. My curiosity piqued, I cracked the door a little bit to look out into the hallway. And she has never had a problem humiliating me in public, despite my private pleas for her to stop.

‘cuckold’ and ‘humiliation’ stories

She has large breasts, probably 40DD, that she is constantly flaunting: she wears a low-cut shirt everywhere. She probably would have stayed with him longer but he had to fly cuckold home on the third day. I had barely turned off the light when I heard the doors downstairs close and two cars leave.

When I started pawing at her before the party, she pushed me off story away. It was like that for this party tonight. My brother also had a bigger cock than me, and Beth convulsed multiple times in the two nights they spent together. I like to be humiliated. I felt like crying. I could hear the squeaking of the bedsprings as she ed him in bed, and shortly thereafter, started fucking him.

And Bill you are so darn persuasive! I had regretted asking him to come along; him and Beth had gotten along so well before we got married, and I wanted her to feel extra safe. All three went to the master bedroom, and as I quickly retreated to the guest bed, I could hear the bedroom door close.

She has long blonde hair that is usually tied up. My wife followed second, with a pair of hands on her waist, and the top half of her bathing suit pulled down to her stomach. I was too humiliated to even humiliate my wife undress in our bedroom and she slipped into her new cuckold suit. My wife Beth had been getting ready for the party all day. I sneaked open my door, and cracked the door to the master bedroom ever so slightly. He looked like he had expected this all story. I will only let you come in me. I stepped out of the living room and followed her as she went upstairs. But she was also practically naked.

I might need the whole bed to myself tonight after all this drinking. My wife came back from another trip to the bathroom, and her co-worker Peter followed her walking back downstairs. But that was six years ago. And it was not mine. If anything, Beth is not modest.

Humiliated by a boy – a cuckold’s wish

All of them knew my wife and crowded around her and Peter in the living room. Beth is the kind of woman that makes a man tremble in her presence. Maybe she was giving me a hint as to her plans that night. For the party, for example, she is going to be wearing a sheer white tank top, with a plunging neckline, and a black bra. It was the ading room to ours and they were linked by a door, so I peaked inside the door and watched, angrily and excitedly, as my wife was pounded by my much stronger brother.

Our new persons

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Sam was the neighborhood bully and had been since he was a .

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Hello Readers, What follows will be random Cuckold related short stories, set ups, or scenes.

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It breaks my heart to know that people are hurting so badly that they are desperate to get their love lives back.

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