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Name: Beatrix

How old am I: 52
What is my nationaly: Swedish
Sexual identity: Guy
Gender: I'm fem
I understand: Russian
Body features: Chubby
My piercing: Nasal piercing

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I was ur pre pregnancy size when I was pregnant and omg I had to make sure never saw me naked or else lol. Yeah i love it when I can see the head poking up.

Love it when my DH does it. Lucky ladies with boobs! I have to admit that sometimes I really want to just get to it so foreplay gets cut sometimes; Might have to try a little more foreplay and add it to our night .

I have no boobs, so no titty fucking for my husband. I enjoy it though. I want the full titty fuck but he just likes it as part of foreplay and even then he's doing it more for me than himself. I love it BTW Best way to get a facial!

More posts in "Sex" group. PP it's when your SO uses your tits to fuck instead of your vag.

So steamy! Sometimes he finishes like that, but usually not.

Create post in "Sex" group. I have offered for him to try and he said he wants to but never does.

Sex titi fuck. We have 2 bottles of baby oil and they're almost gone Original poster's comments 6. I thought it was just us cause its not something I hear about often.

The erotic art of the titty-fuck

So my bf and I are going through some problems and as a result, we don't have sex often So hell settle for titi fuckin I mean he loves it So I'm just curious who else on here has a fascination with big tits I'm 36 C and titi fuck? I love my man to do this to me but he doesn't want to finish this way. I like it when im able to put the head in my mouth at the same time.

Im a 40 DD pre pregnancy and I have enjoyed it when its been done to me. I love to feel him cum on my face. I think its hot when we're just playing around before actually having sex.

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Sun's up, time to cum between my big tits!

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Titty fuck refers to using breasts as a masturbator by placing the penis between them and thrusting.