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But if your desire to leave a handprint and grab her backside keeps growing, you may be interested in a whole new level: erotic spanking. What is that? It's always a good idea if you're being spanked to enjoy it, but the person spanking can get highly aroused too. Sometimes the person being spanked can lead to orgasm and even squirting. Before you even get started with a little booty-play, take a moment to realize just how far back spanking actually goes.

Name: Cloe

Years: 22
Eye tint: Dark hazel eyes
I prefer to drink: Stout

Should I feel guilty? What might seem odd, kinky and guilt-inducing to you would be quite low on any list of deviant sexual peccadillos.

I have spanked her a few times and, though it arouses her, it makes me feel guilty. We live in a great big glorious melting pot of different desires, and every now and again we rub up against someone with whom we share similar tastes.

Reuse this content. There are many reasons why such an act could be a stimulant for your girlfriend and only a small of them would qualify as deep, dark, distasteful and worthy of analysis. The right to choose is paramount and should preside over all our individual actions.

I feel bad for all sorts of reasons. Dear Mariella Relationships.

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At first I laughed, as I thought it was quite an odd request. Bringing acts of violence, however small, into the bedroom is a choice you need to make with your head, rather than the parts of your body more involved with copulation.

The sex has been wonderful, but she has a thing about wanting me to spank her. Sun 1 Jul Topics Relationships Dear Mariella features.

Mariella Frostrup. My girlfriend wants me to spank her. I want us to be able to enjoy sex without anxiety, and would appreciate your views. But it was clear she was serious, and this is where the problem lies.

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Spanking must have a terrific PR person.

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I love to spank my wife in a G-string or little tiny boy shorts.

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You should also know that, like the dirty talk, many women love spanking.

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When a woman is comfortable in a relationship, you can get away with a lot of things.

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I love to spank my wife in a G-string or little tiny boy shorts.