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I want to know how to pin my bf when it comes to play-fights. I tried doing it for the first time with my boyfriend yesterday and even though I lost, it was very fun.

Name: Adaline

My age: 20
In my spare time I love: Reading

Of course that's a crock but sometimes you have to stretch the truth so that everyone can be happy. So i had a little at his expense and said "I hope you learned YOUR lesson", but since then he hasn't let it go, and kept after me for a rematch, saying "I got lucky", etc Was I wrong to defeat him?

And when he was done laughing, well, I was kinda mad and so I challenged him to a wrestling match. We're the same height but has at least 40lbs on me, and he didn't want to do it at first but after I said 'your just afraid of losing to a girl' he was like, "OK, let me teach you a lesson'.

Good luck! Click on a link below to read what their solutions are! I really enjoyed the classes and found i was pretty good at it, even tho' i'm not really muscular i'm tall, 5'9", but slender, and weigh about lbs A lot.

Say that you could tell he was holding back the first two matches and you are worried that if he went all out you could get hurt. Follow RomanceClass.

Should I just fake it and let him win? Theme by TheBootstrapThemes.

A few weeks ago I finished taking beginner level judo classes and earned my yellow belt. Visitor's Question from a year old Female Please help! Well, long story short, I kept using throws and leg sweeps to send him to the floor, and waited til he got really tired, and then when i could tell his strength was running out, I kept him down on the floor and after a fairly long struggle, I pinned him!

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Keep poking him until he either gives up or weakens enough to let you climb on top of him.

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Am tired of being the looser in this battle.

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I'd recommend random grinding and seductive kisses as well, that usually does the trick too lol.

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