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I guess the first question is whether or not the human half of a female centaur has a uterus, and whether that uterus could get pregnant or only the uterus in the horse-half. Than, is a baby centaur fed from the human teats or the horse teats? Does the centaur mature like a human baby or a horse-baby? When a daddy centaur and a mommy centaur love each other very much, they go to a quiet place somewhere in the woods and "wrestle".

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Mating and Reproduction. The centaur mates for life, and the entire tribe participates in the education of the young.

The newborn centaur will also be less developed; it may even be as helpless as a human baby. The human torso of a centaur cuts off above the point where their reproductive organs would be, so these functions are entirely handled by the horse section.

However, because their brain is mostly human, their behavior and mating strategies will resemble those of humans.

A female centaur has only one offspring at a time. This implies that a centaur's breeding patterns and reproductive cycle are closer to those of a horse. A centaur's uterus is presumably the same size as a horse's, and yet a centaur's fetus will be much larger than an equine one at the same stage of development because it also has a human torso.

A horse's pregnancy normally lasts eleven months, followed by a short labor giving birth to a foal which is capable of walking around within hours of birth. At that time they still remain in the tribe, but embark on a courtship to start a family of their own.

My Details Published: 17 April The offspring live with their parents until they reach the age of twenty-four.

Putting these facts together suggests that centaur pregnancies may be shorter than those of a horse - perhaps ten months - but labor will be more difficult.

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If we assume centaurs are a naturally reproducing species, then presumably one centaur must mate with another centaur to produce a baby centaur.

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CentaurGreek Kentaurosin Greek mythologya race of creatures, part horse and part mandwelling in the mountains of Thessaly and Arcadia.