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Post a Comment. Underlying the trip is a high-stakes bet between logger Jason Bolt and sawmill owner Aaron Stempel as to whether the year-long experiment will succeed. Jason Bolt, played by actor Robert Brown, is portrayed as the stereotypical hero.

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Will they all stay a year? The script no doubt was filed, and a few years later someone seeking properties to develop happened across it; hence this show.

It also featured striking turns by guest actors, and utilized a wide range of scriptwriters, who had fun exploring the characters before everything became fixed and while things could still be stretched for the heck of it. Someone--probably script editor William Blinn, to judge from his other work--reoriented the show toward community, friendship, love, and family. It obviously must not have done well in the ratings, as Jeremy and Candy were always toying with getting married, but I remember everyone in my school talking about it the next day.

The show had good plot lines early on. Loved Lonne as she was the mother figure of the brides. In the late fifties George Sidney, the director of several musicals, had planned another one, to star Burt Lancaster and Shirley Jones. The leading character went from hoodwinking the townsfolk to becoming their leading light; his logger gang, originally outsiders like the brothers in Seven Brides for Seven Brothersbecame the town's most frequent denizens. Brown seemed born to the part of a honey-tongued backwoods cavalier, and Hanley showed exactly the right kind of gumption for a blend of women's advocate, den mother, and understanding sweetheart.

Here Come the Brides — Hide Spoilers. They can't pay for the trip, so their arch enemy Aaron Stempel agrees to finance it on the condition that if any of the ladies leaves within a year, he gets the Bolt's timber-filled mountain.

Here come the brides fan-fiction home

I expect it was the combination of the three that gave the show its exuberance. It is hard to believe Robert Brown is 90 years old this year and most of the younger women in this cast are in their 70's if they are still with us. The writer was N. Richard Nash, in whose frontier comedy The Rainmaker Lancaster had played the title character; the hero of this story, Jason Bolt, bore him more than a slight resemblance. It had two strong supporting characters who later left: hard-headed, good-hearted logger Big Swede and prim but highly principled schoolmarm Miss Essie.

Gradually, this cohesive culture was eroded by a more divisive one; but while it lasted, it produced shows like Here Come the Brides. Would imagine unless there are legal issues the DVD of these should arrive sometime. Good stories, but the series tanked when Candy's brother and sister moved to Seattle. A nice reminder of when a series didn't have to have deep meaning and grit or be about people who had to be idiotic and mocked by the one of the le. Before airing, the show was promoted like Petticoat Junction, as a broad farce with cuties.

Here come the brides

It seemed to have a dash, a bounce, and a sweetness not seen before. One of my favorites as alfiefamily 19 February I remember the whole family sitting around watching this show I think it was on Weds. Joan is considered the star because by this time she was a grand dame of the screen. Swackhamer to direct the pilot episode later, he would direct all of the show's best ones. Wonderful Mark Lenard plays the smiling villain Aaron Stempel.

It had something for everyone. Many well known actors who were just starting out pop up throughout the episodes.

Which is just what it was. ShelbyTMItchell 24 April This was a great show to watch and remember watching it as a kid in moving to TN in Robert Brown started out as the star of the show. But then the focus turned to Bobby Sherman as he indeed added sex appeal and became more of the focus of the show. A Must See! It's the s, and the Bolt brothers own a big logging company in Seattle. The pilot looked as if it would make a fun-filled series as it stood; one episode was attempted on that theory, and failed though it was reworked and shown laterthe characters running around aimlessly and with motives that made little sense.

Bridget Hanley was the girl every guy wanted to fall in love with while Mark Lenard was classic as the villain--stoic,miserly and always scheming after one thing.

Home videotaping didn't then exist, but I made an audiotape of the episode, and wherever I went, if I was feeling lonely, I'd give it a listen, and it always cheered me. It had that aspect; but what the promos didn't disclose was that it was a rollicking frontier comedy of the North to Alaska school: a mixture of swagger and sweetness--in effect, a musical without the songs. As well as the man that played the captain as he added comic relief to the show. A show doesn't always remain in the same state, and HCTB passed through at least three: the pilot; the season subsequent; and the one after that which unfortunately was the last.

Chapter here comes the bride

The main cast are all fine, some like David Soul who went on to other things, others like Bobby Sherman, who is very appealing, had a few big years and then left the business but they all work well together. It's commonly said of shows like this that they were products of a more innocent era. The first half of that season was undoubtedly the series' apex. Down right evil. Its purveyors assumed they could and should satisfy everyone, and that everyone shared the same proprieties and ideals to be satisfied.

Candy was good eye candy though a prude compared to the genie I had eyes for. Candy Pruitt is consider the hot young virgin with eyes for Jeremy Bolt, and Bitty is the daft comedy relief woman who even has trouble trying to score desperate Seattle men with her own craziness.

But it didn't at the time. Barrel-chested Robert Brown plays the oldest Bolt brother and he's big and brawny and looks just like a lumberjack should.

DKosty 22 August It was a here I enjoyed the first season, then lost interest in it when the cast shifted. With Hugo Montenegro's rousing music and gorgeous colors the ladies' ice cream-colored dresses and the deep greens and browns of the woodsit feels more like a movie than a TV series. Was this review helpful? In. Great show for the family to watch!! Charming simplistic 60's western series whose purpose is to just entertain. The series had some good stories with some great action sequences added in.

Again this show will remind me of when I first moved to TN and started loving this show. David Soul is the sensitive middle brother and the youngest Bolt is played by teen idol Bobby Sherman; his character is sweet and shy and stammers. Best of all is the great Joan Blondell full of sass as Lottie the saloon keeper and surrogate mother to the whole town. When they get the women back to Seattle, all kinds of little things happen.

But it wasn't really so innocent; and as far as TV went, what now looks like innocence was closer to mannerliness: TV was conceived as a guest in the home, and minded its brides accordingly. This was one of the last examples of the The Western, now an extinct form, and, to viewers unacquainted with it, HCTB must look like all the others. But seeing the great Joan Blondell a veteran of Hollywood's golden age of the 's and 's fanfiction the Madame was in a classic by itself.

As the Bolt brothers, they were a very good come. There is usually some small lesson included but it's told in an easy going manner. The show is similar in tone to "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" with burly he-men, dainty ladies, and rip-roaring fun.

Whether Swackhamer influenced the casting is not recorded, but it seems likely, since he was friends with both its leading man, Robert Brown, and leading lady, Bridget Hanley whom he afterwards married.

Great family show to watch. Highly recommended. In fact, the first episode brought me more plain, simple happiness than anything on TV before or after. The producer, Bob Claver, had done an earlier Western, Iron Horse, with a similar period flavor and a similar confidence-man hero.

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The excellent theme and credits are an added plus, really suited to the program from a time when shows tried to have a memorable opening so you knew right from the beginning you were watching something distinctive from everything else on TV. Producer Bob Claver,who also served as executive producer along with Paul Junger Witt and Stan Schwimmer brought to audiences a down to earth family style show that included some western adventure and excitement in some of the episodes.

Can't wait for the DVD release!! This adorable family comedy from is still as much fun as ever. A script and songs were drafted, but ultimately the production was dropped.

Here come the brides fanfiction

Will the girls all find husbands? Their workers aren't happy, however, because the town population: is short on women, so the Bolts decide to bring marriageable young ladies all the way from Massachusetts. It was the same Bob Claver who also behind after this series went off the air the family-oriented series "The Partridge Family" that premiered on ABC in the fall of Robert Brown was outstanding as Jason Bolt. I am not sure if it was contracts or what that made that happen.

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In the small frontier town of Seattlelonely lumberjacks threaten to leave the area due to the lack of women.

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