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I would like looking up rookie that halo odst

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This article or section's title is a call, an alias, or a nickname, as no proper name for the subject has been revealed. You can help by adding it if it is now known. His face is never seen and his voice is never heard, aside from grunts and groans.

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Can't you guys just make a story that makes sense!!

The "rookie"

He could have been the next silent chief when he became a spartan 4! I swear the ideas an average joe like myself has could have been better then yours ! Yazite wrote:.

I already knew but some others would be angry to find out in such a stupid way. Dead at 29yrs old!!!

For christ's sake, please put spoiler warnings and change the title. I mean instead of trying to replace the chief with this Locke guy that no one likes, you could have given us the rookie!

Thanks man! OP Watashi no kage.

Considering Locke and the Rookie's death it does feel like i are trying very hard to cut away the Bungie games so that their fan fiction-esque games can avoid being judged by the high standard Bungie left. Damn it man I'm started to doubt my favorite game and lore! In my heart, the Covenant are defeated, the Gravemind is defeated, the Forerunners are still a mystery, Buck and the rest of the squad, including the Rookie are enjoying the first sense of hope and peace that Humanity has felt in a long time, and Chief and Cortana are still floating in space towards an unknown Forerunner planet.

But dies from some mere rebel humans! As it is I've pretty much already started to ignore all i EU content, and even Halo 4 and 5 at this point. Seriously though, who was the guy that gave the go ahead on killing the rook? Let me make the side stories!

So I go online hit wiki halo, and I get slapped in the face!!!! Ugh where do I apply to work at ?

Please think before you post. I would have accepted him hands down, chief could have passed on his awesomness to him! So I was playing halo 3 odst the other day, and well I thought to myself, "what ever happened to the rookie?

Watashi no kage wrote:. Show More Show Less.

But noooooooo you gotta just push that dagger just a little bit deeper every year. So you're telling me he survives a night in a covenant infested city on earth!!

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Face mask I deed for the Halo gamers out there!

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It knows no bounds.

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I never noticed it until I just started playing ODST this morning but the rookie has a picture of a girl in his drop pod.