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Tork, Greedo and Shiron are walking in the park. Suddenly a tiny thing come out from the grove and hit Shiron on the neck. Seth wandered around the downtown area seeking out an easy looking target or just an opportune time to liberate a wallet as he put it.

Name: Lyssa

How old am I: 25
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It almost seemed like punching a brick wall. I will kick your! He seemed to break out into a sweat just as I threw the shirt to the corner. You just ain't sending me away so easy What do I gotta do to this kid?

That pissed me off even more. I think I'll go for the filling, Don needs to get a new bag anyway. His chest was thick and striated. He reacted in utter amazement at the sight of the sheer force. Be of sweat traveled down to abs.

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The kid wiped a trickle of blood from his mouth, got up on his knees and shook his head again. Then he grinned at me. He straightened back up and smiled. I grabbed his left hand and wrapped some of the rope around his wrist, then I grabbed the other wrist and did the same, stretching his arms behind him. I told you and you didn't listen. This was just a screwed up day!

I'm sure glad Don closed up the gym early cause I don't want to deal with nobody right now. That was nice!

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I start to wonder What you gonna do? He then jumped up to his feet. I'm staying!!! I been workin' hard on this body. You ain't chasing me away old man! I could kill him! Still grabbing his hair, I slapped him across the gut.

He backed up a few steps as I came towards him.

Two of the chains broke free from the hook. I again caught him by surprise and folded him over. Mom nagged me about my helping her on the weekends. I feel like I wanna kill something I gonna blast that bag so hard! I like that. His look turned to show a little fear, but not much.

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The bag maked a loud thud as it crashed to the floor. The rest of the shirt fell down to his pants.

I slip in a kiss to his mouth. Come back tomorrow Seems like there's some room left! The pain grew from deep in my gut and rose into my brain. The rage was still there, but all of a sudden it was focused with pinpoint accuracy. I got a body of steel. Sometimes the very thing you need walks right through the door. Guess again pops!

Going long (boyxboy)

He kept grinning at me. Maybe you ought to give me a reason. I don't like to play with wimps. The mounds of muscle were beautiful. The force of the kick rocked him as he went sailing to the floor.

I slammed another kick into the bag and the other chains popped off the hook. I'm ready to glove up with you anytime!!! Damn I'm pissed Sure would be nice to smack on some real flesh right now! I ain't in the mood to share.

If you think you can, go on and try it. Then he grinned at me again.

Don let's me workout late sometimes. When I got to his abs, I could feel the huge hills and deep valleys.

I'd love to test my power hook on some hard abs right now. I took my eyes from his to survey his torso that would soon be my battlefield. I told you! Men bigger and meaner than you have tried to break me down. This bag better take my best shots cause I ain't stopping til I'm done, ripped or not! I became delerious from the anger and the pain. I grabbed him by the hair and forced his head back.

My mate was upset cause I don't make enough money. In fact, that felt good!

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I launched another front snap kick into his unsuspecting belly He grabbed his abs and buckeled over. I unbuckled his belt and pulled the torn shirt from his pants, ripping it away until it broke free. Without warning, I parried to his left side and drove a knee into his gut. I could feel the thickness of his pecs.

They were thick and hard. I gotta calm myself, I don't wanna kill this kid, but I sure am gonna have some fun. There's more where that came from The mounds of muscle protected him easily. I slammed a viscious spinning back kick into his stomach.

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Is this kid stupid or what? It caught him off guard but he was semi-flexed so the damage was minimal. His hard body is visable, even under his clothes. Twisting Steel - a gut punching story That day, I was in a particularly aggressive mood. Now, I'm gonna take out my day on you I grabbed for the pile and pulled out two ropes, then went for him.

I like the place quiet. He flexed his abs and they bounced to attention. The boss was in my shit. You had your chance to get away, now you're mine.

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Ken slowly woke up from a small nap he had taken at the park.