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In order for Granny Rags to be killed or rendered unconscious, her cameo must be destroyed. In her first quest, rendering the gang members knocking on her door unconscious will be counted as succeeding, and she will give you a rune as a reward.

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If at the end of a mission you see you killed someone, either restart the mission immediately by pressing the button to do so OR reload a save before when you killed someone.

When you say that you've replayed it 3 times and you keep getting 1 hostile killed are you replaying from the mission replay screen or are you just reloading a save? I've played through the 'High Overseer' mission 3 times now, beginning to end, without killing anyone, and every single time when it comes to the final screen it says I killed 1 hostile.

When I go to the mission select screen, the prologue doesn't show.

Your answer

Possibly the slackjaw area has weepers that you killed? I didn't see how you played that level so I can identify what went wrong. If you are mission replaying 3 times and still getting 1 hostile killed something is wrong. You don't need to go down into the kennels area to get the Clean Hands achievement anyhow. I'm pretty sure I didn't kill anybody. I figured even though supposedly it won't affect anything I didn't want to risk using a gun and still technically killing someone. It's been quicker so far as i know exactly where to go and what to do. First time I tried it said 1 hostle killed and 1 body found, the second time it said 4 hostiles killed and 1 body found.

Only the other missions.

Dogs don't count as people but they will be considered a kill an will void the achievement. Or should I just do a speed run for the paintings?

The flooded district

It is incredibly easy to get all of them on that playthrough that you'll be doing because I actually ended up doing that on my stealth playthrough as well to finish off the rest of my achievements. Robadobzilla Weepers count as kills. If you can get past someone without knocking them out, then by all means keep moving! If you don't do the killing directly you should be okay. Immediately got inside and shut the door, no matter how fast you do this you'll always hear a "zing" sounding like someone was alerted.

Kaiser - That's strange.


If you are reloading a save there is a chance you killed someone before you saved? If you killed someone on granny, reload the save before you made your kill, if you cant remember or don't know where it was you'll have to just restart the entire mission over.

Posted by MaliceMike on 14 Oct 12 at Samphaa what Epic Diehard said is more than likely true, howerver I did all three stealth achievements in one brand new playthrough so just to be SAFE I made sure I had 0's all clean the board as well as the two checkmarks on the bottom. I had no glitches at all going for all three of the big stealth achievements ghost, shadow, clean hands. Big L - i'm rag something. I had to do so on the prologue obviously and I was completely okay even though I got to a mission complete screen and had to reload a save.

I didn't feel that doing that mission was a good idea. Posted by Chimaera36 on 24 Oct 12 at Dogs count as kills. Thanks : Posted by Samphaa on 14 Oct 12 at I only ask because having a body discovered and accidently killing someone are different Posted by Samphaa on 14 Oct 12 at It won't hand the achievemen, if you look closely in the after mission briefing there is a check list for Shadow and Not killing anyone.

This time I agreed to help her with Slackjaw, but as she turned away towards the cauldron I stole the key, freed Slackjaw and then ran back the way I came instead of going through the slipstream in Granny's room.

Best to never get detected either. Cheers in advance Posted by El Thommo on 15 Oct 12 at I can't complete "House of Pleasure" with either box ticked, yet I kill nobody and I don't get detected. They CANT be killed. This has to be done on one granny new playthrough. So to answer your question, you should be able to reload a save and try again from where you know you haven't killed anyone yet and rag the achievement.

Posted by Kaiser on 19 Oct 12 at Can someone tell me if it counts as a kill by releasing the sick hound in the kennel of the high overseers office and letting it kill a guard? Clean Hands Complete the game without killing anyone 0. They simply disappear. I p i'll hand to go back and do it all again??? I think I hid them in the dumpster next to the explosion when I escaped and they died that way. I can confirm that as well. You have to start a brand new playthrough! Game 69 want to boost. Posted by Naughty Died on 22 Oct 12 at Wahey, epic time wasted. I didn't. You have to start a brand NEW playthrough.

Poisoning the stuff in the brewery does Clean affect the achievement. Cheers for the response : Posted by El Thommo on 16 Oct 12 at What the hell? Hi buddy, do you know if "ghost" and "shadow" are void if i've had a body discovered, although I got the ticks for not killing anyone and never being detected, if it is void do i have to restart the mission or can i reload an earlier save where the body was not discovered?

Never mind, just need to plough on through it.

Also, do weepers count as kills? I skipped killing Shaw in the Boyle Mansion level.

Remember to complete Slackjaw's side missions to neutralize the Pendleton Twins without killing them. I even avoided the assassins and weepers. I had six equipped. Do NOT kill them. Just followed the directions by starting a brand new playthrough not using any mission selects. It must be obtained in one playthrough and will unlock after picking up the final painting in granny's bedroom.

That is why I only used blink.

I was convinced the assassins would be counted so last night i started again. Anyone have any other questions let me know. Ok I'll give it a shot thanks. Occasionally gamers have reported on xboxachievements. You're kidding! I can't go back can I? I had to play through from Flooded District again as it didn't unlock for me after my first playthough I choked out granny the first time then sleep darted her, did not get seen.

If you sick a dog on a guard and he dies I believe that still is considered a kill. They're showing as 0 kills all the way for me so far! It insures a better chance of not having anyone killed. Just thought I would mention it in case people are wondering about the issue with Granny who I never actually talked to in my run 'detecting' you when you steal the key.

Malice, go for the art dealer achievement. I was also going for Mostly Flesh and Steel on this playthrough as well. Don't do anything risky! Stranger things have happened. I had no problems with that mission. Just not unlocking for me. Posted by Epic Diehard on 14 Oct 12 at While going for Clean Hands and Ghost, is it possible to collect all the paintings too?

Just run past her instead.

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I want to maximize my runes but I don't want to be locked into an ultimatum at the end that in me losing out on the trophies.

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If you choose to help slackjaw and eliminate Granny Rags, which you can non-lethally, you get a bunch of money and the loot you would get from helping Granny Rags make Slackjaws a part of her meal.

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Kills by rewired traps hacked devicesdrowning allowing the death of knocked out NPCs by ratsand certain events like Sleep Darting Granny Rags before her cameo is destroyed will result in a kill.