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Tumblr grandma searching demon for summons

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Special shout out to my followers of this story. I have received many lovely, beautiful messages and notes. That has really inspired to finish this story. I took a weekend to sit and type out the final chapters. Also, looking back, the first chapter was posted in Mayso I typed about 10 chapters a year, and knocked out 5 chapters in one weekend.

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Even better? I read this at work and now people are asking me if I'm okay in the break room.

More posts from the tumblr community. Some tangential hijinks like how the whole town is terrified but won't say anything because grandma is so happy her grandson is visiting. So grandma saved the demon just like the demon saved grandma. Now I want the series too. As long as the demon ends up with a human bf a la Tobias and Guy I'll be happy.

This picture is where it all began

Posted by 4 years ago. Grandma gets sick. Found the internet!

Demon feels bad, sticks around. There's the "movie" part of six seasons and a movie: Demon and Grandma and her family in heaven doing things.

Stories — accidental demon: chapter 30

Sort by: best. Confused demon for her emo grandson at first. I believe I read a section of this post that someone described the fact that the real 'Todd' had comitted suicide, and that's why he'd never visited or written back.

SPN at the end bring it all to completion. I'm gonna say that opening it in a browser is your best bet. Reply Share.

The grandmother and the demon

In heaven her husband and family are there and they're so happy for her. Reaper comes to take her to hell she hung out with demons for years! Turns out her human grandson never visits, nor does any family. I love it so much :.

Tumblr user writes a story about a demon and a grandma and the result is ridiculously entertaining

That was one hell of a ride. I would repeat someone in this picture and say six seasons and a movie, but I don't think my heart could handle that much of this. Grandma and Todd. Then the last panel shows the grandma knew that he was a demon for pretty much the whole time, but "you wouldn't have stayed honey if you weren't lonely too".

Tumblr user tells story about a ‘demon gets adopted’ by a grandma & it needs to be a freaking movie

Grandmother accidentally summons demon. Todd is dead and in an epilogue scene the two grandsons meet in heaven.

Many tears and sad memes naturally follow up. Well worth the read. This is a good post.

Gets free cake and stuff and is all in all a happy "grandson". It was worth it. Name: The man downstairs. Demon fights off reaper, takes her soul to heaven himself. Created Sep 18, Top posts august 4th Top posts of august, Top posts Back to Top. Screw you!

Demon tried to save her but couldn't, and she dies. She lives alone and misses her dead husband and hopes people will come by. Did you ever get back to it? Also they get a hell hound who eats hard candies.

Ah, I uh, I have some dinner I left at the laundromat, I need to leave this post for now. Who knew demons can be heartwarming. I was not prepared. I hate you all. Also he becomes mayor.

Its a terrible day for rain. View discussions in 1 other community.

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Todd thought that was probably the most human thing Damien had ever said.

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An old and homely grandmother accidentally summons a demon.

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Snuggle in folks, and prepare the tissues for a Tumblr user has written the short story of a lifetime.

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The Grandmother and The Demon is one of several possible titles for a collaborative story that went viral on Tumblr in the spring of