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First of all, we are not into the Gorean lifestyle at all. I was intrigued by the different Gorean positions, hence the reason why I suggested this as a Kink of the Week topic. I wanted to know who else know about these positions and maybe incorporate some or all of them in their relationships. Other than this, I know nothing about the Gorean lifestyle and do not really care to know more about it. BDSM concepts of servitude and slavery typically play a key role in Gorean dynamics.

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The girl is then presented to one Master, who asks her if she is slave, to whom she will proudly say that she is.

Gorean slave information

Sly grin parts lush lips, elated He has chosen her. For the purposes of this event, all greetings and well wishes will be held. The Gorean dance is the opportunity that a slave has to express her feelings about any given subject. Painting by Pablo Picasso, Girl in the Mirror Writing a dance is the one thing that scares me the most about slavery.

Gorean (gor) slave training

Needless to say, the entire dance is observed by the master, and this, in fact, of course, is known to both the dancer and her audience, the master. Awakens upon a matt at the base of His chair, as she stretches and looks about, she feels the cool chain roll over naked flesh, cascading from her throat to the large D-ring at the leg of His chair. The dance ifies the restlessness, the misery, of a love-starved slave girl.

In all these kneeling positions incidentally, even that of the Pleasure Slave, the Gorean woman carries herself well; her back is straight and her chin is high.

Mysteriously calm as she looks out into the distance. Then, after this instant of silence under the torches, the music struck the final note, with a mighty and jarring clash of cymbals, and the Warrior had lowered her to the furs and her lips, arms about his neck, sought his with eagerness.

Gorean slave information

The girl performs the dance on her back, her stomach and sides. It was the position of the pleasure slave. Little bumps pop over flesh as the chills of excitement flow threw her, nearing the center. I am very fortunate!.

The hands of the Pleasure Slave normally rest upon her thighs but, in some cities, for example Thentis, I believe, they are crossed behind her. Older posts.

Hazel eyes shimmering in anticipation as they dart low about the room seeking Him, finding no One. Writing a dance is the one thing that scares me the most about slavery. She will show her defiance and bewilderment at not being able to move freely, the dance growing more frenzied until she is subdued by the Masters that hold her. Usually her neck is chained to the slave ring. Her knowledge of the positions in a typical kajira camisk.

Category: training

She tends to be vital and beautiful to look upon. At this point, with a clash of cymbals, both dancers remained immobile. Head turns to the sound of His fingers snapping, He points to the dance pit as He nods to her. Hands plunge to the floor instantly as she moves forward gracefully. I am not a Barbarian.

Slave training information

Of the Vosk region …. She knelt back on her heels, her back straight, her hands on her thighs, her head up, her knees wide. I have a caste and I have a Home Stone. The video shows you the full dance, but the words are what is most captivating about a Gorean Dance so they are here as she performed them. So this begs the question, does every slave go through this?

Category: training

Mysteriously calm as she looks out into the distance hidden within her heart pounds like the kaska drum beat building nearby, soft melodic chanting commences from ruby lips at the peak of the drums resonate beat. I am of civilized Gor ….

The bluish night descends on the peaceful and serene garden, amber torchlight flickers a hypnotic dance, Atop the grand staircase stands the enchanted beauty, crimson fabric hugging feminine curves. Argos of Fortress of Saphronicus,doing the area around Fortress of Saphronicus. I would say that the chances are pretty good that most slaves do, in fact struggle with that first dance. My name is niesa, and I am a Gorean kajira. Alternation of hand to knee carries her petit form to the grainy pit, warm sands sinking between fingers, digging into knees.

Hazels twinkle as mind races of the dancer steps she will take to show Him her desires. It is a premise of the dance that the girl moves and twists, and squirms, in her need, as if she is completely alone, as if her need is known only to herself; then, supposedly, the master surprises her, and she attempts to suppress the helplessness and torment of her needs; then, failing this, surrendering her pride in its final shred, she writhes openly, piteously, before him, begging him to deign to touch her.

The tile dance, for simple psychological and behavioral reasons, having to do with the submission context and the motions of the body, can piteously arouse even a captured, cold free woman; in the case of a slave, of course, it can make her scream and sob with need.

I started my training online back inmy Mentor was a Lifestyler. And I became kajira.

Kajira training program

She swiftly turned, facing him, and dropped to her knees. In fact, that raw, bare your soul, emotion is expected of a slave. Note: This is the first in a new series of 20 position pictures gracefully contributed by a real life slave in a Gorean relationship.

The position of the Pleasure Slave, incidentally, differs from the position of both the free woman and the tower Slave. There will be no interruptions to include thought bubbles, etc… At the end of the period, there will be a questions and answer sessions so jot down any you may have.

Gorean (gor) slave training

I have never danced before and I know that eventually it will be required of me to do so, but the idea of laying open my soul and showing my deepest emotion is quite frankly horrifying to me. Her head went farther back, as her hands moved on the arms of the Warrior, as though once to press him away, and then again to draw him closer, and her head then touched the furs, her body a cruel, helpless bow in his hands, and then, her head down, it seemed she struggled and her body straightened itself until she lay, save for her head and heels, on his hands clasped behind her back, her arms extended over her head to the fur behind her.

Myself doing the Barrens.

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Site Plan.

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The Basics of being a Gorean kajira or kajirus are much more subtle than the mere acting out various positions and actions.

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The training of a Pleasure Slave, is long and arduous.

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Any person insisting that RT information is to be given to them will be removed.

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The training of a Pleasure Slave, is long and arduous.

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For those just learing of the Gorean Lifestyle or desiring to be trained as a Gorean slave kajirathere are many s listed in the Gorean Index here on the site that should prove extremely helpful.