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We were just going to go swimming. Me, and my three cousins, Jesse, Belinda, and their younger brother, Mark, all decided that it was too hot to do anything at all inside or out, and that was the best way we knew to cool off. She and Belinda got in the front of the truck, and I was about to do the same when I realized that Mark would not fit up front with us.

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It was an insight into how they truly conducted themselves, and is an experience I would never trade for anything. It was like a dream, and it sounds like bullshit. Having so many women be so comfortable around you is a truly rare experience. There was something so natural about the whole thing the moonlight reflecting off the water and on to their seemingly perfect skin.

Another girl I had known since the early days of my childhood drunkenly stumbled behind me and mounted my back. I helped the girls get themselves together again, set the song of our grade 8 graduation on the music player, gave some hugs and non-sexual kisses, said my goodbyes and left. Then I the rest of them as they are getting dressed. One of them had a boyfriend though, I couldn't being myself to do it. Lying there naked, she asked me to find her panties and help her up, but she didn't want me to look at her. We all got over the fence, got naked, and hopped in.

Skinny dipping

But they don't want to get their clothes wet. And also my friend I also felt every girls boobs and ass, friends girlfriend included, as he did the same, while we were all "playing". I didn't take it seriously, it seemed like an impossibility, but they kept going on and on about it. Hopped a fence with barbed wire around the top in to a community pool. One pokes me on the shoulder and I turn around. It was amazing, and eventually we got out of the water. Im proud of myself for resisting that temptation.

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Again, opportunity of a lifetime. Something stereotypical about a bunch of young white girls wanting to do something they might regret, I guess the risk was sexy or appealing to them for some reason. Anyway while we are on our way back, we start talking about sex because we are horny teenagers. Im sure it would have been hot, but something about seeing her in that state felt so wrong. I had just seen her nude after all.

I had recently been cheated on and couldn't let myself be "that guy. Nothing came of it.

It was more than a little weird, and I think most of us knew what he was doing but for some reason I can't hold it against him. I still haven't seen or talked to most of those girls since then, but it's a memory I keep close to my heart. Me and the other two guys didn't really know what to do with ourselves, the water was really cold so we kept our boxers on.

Finally they are all dressed in their panties and bras again and we are walking back up. I then stripped bare and hopped in. But they leave around 4 so plenty of time to goof around. The girls were much less graceful back on land.

Two of them are standing there naked looking at me in all of their glory. We started swimming, and the shy ones hid themselves in the water, but the braver ones, and there were about three, started making out with eachother. There were me and two other boys there, in a room full of crying girls who had just finished school and were terrified of the future but also really excited about it, and drunk.

Over the week of Independence Day, camp shuts down as a midsummer break but there is an option to stay on and work with day camps that come and visit. I lifeguarded at an indoor pool and I was dare but a coworker to go skinny dipping in one of our pools. Somehow the convo takes that turn, and the girl on my back whispers into my ear about having a good time with me that night. It goes on for a bit but then someone dares someone else to climb on top of the shed where the various water crafts are stored and jump off into the lake. However again, this one had a boyfriend.

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It had a motion light, so I could see them actually start to undress. Girl's swim team begins to walk in the door as I hop out. We wrestled, played chicken, and did whatever else we could to touch each other's naked bodies and blame it on playfulness. For reasons I will never understand, someone had the idea to go skinny dipping in the lake down the road. I wasn't ashamed but it was awkward. I was probably like 18 and was invited to a "going away and getting new lives in the rest of the world party" that consisted of mostly young women of the same age.

Me and the girl who had twisted her ankle are hobbling back ahead of the group, and talking about nothing. Childhood friend on my back borderline naked telling me she always kind of wanted me.

It was truly, an amazing experience. One fell and twisted her ankle and called me for help. I hooked up with one girl later that night. It probably had to do with the s gap, being seven girls to three boys. Near the end of the week we get bored and decide to go down to the lake and play truth or dare. They were having an argument about whose breasts were superior, and decided to make me the judge.

The third guy who had too much to drink sort of drifted off and probably started masturbating.

It was wonderful, and honestly one of my fondest memories. Now that the weather is warm I thought might as well share our best stories. I was really close with the girl hosting the party, so I got a ticket in. At the time I didn't question it.

The best skinny-dipping stories on reddit (you’re welcome)

I had known those girls most of my life and even been best friends with some of them at one time or another, but on that night with the pale moonlight cast against us, I truly got to know who they were. Then the drinking started, then the crying started. I need to assure myself that it actually happened from time to time.

I don't know why, again my best guess is something about having experiences, or feeling a loss of control. I wish I could relive my childhood without gender barriers. It was wierd, but I managed to pull it all off without catching a glimpse. That night I saw all three female friends naked, as well as my friends girlfriend.

It was a once in a lifetime thing after all. I'm trying to get my feels with the girl I'm with and she says her father is the sheriff of the county. Obviously because of the sexuality of the whole thing, but mostly because of the closeness I felt with all of them that night.

I worked as a camp counselor at an outdoor camp. She wanted a piggyback, and I figured why not.

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So it actually starts happening, we walk down to the lake in the pitch blackness of midnight and make it to a little cabin thing. Not my community, but the said "community pool" and I lived in a community somewhere.

Especially because she didn't want me to look. So here I am, a sober 18 something year old, watching my childhood friends and some highschool ones strip naked in front of me. I was with a friend, his girlfriend, and three if her female friends. I just stared for a second and mumbled something semi-smooth like, "i would need closer inspection to make an accurate judgement.

It started, everyone reminisced about highschool and the time we spent together.

So they climb up onto the roof and proceed to strip with fanfare. I miss high school. Damn near orgy in a swimming pool after hours. There were about seven of them, they were all gorgeous.

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Secluded areas were easy to come by, and summers got hot!

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My sisters and I the year this story takes place,

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