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My husband told me to go upstairs and wait for him. Not only was he going to punish me, but he also told me that he had a few surprises in mind. I had a pretty good idea of what one of the surprises were, because I had picked it out. A few moments after I got into our bedroom and sat on the bed, he came up with the belt, hairbrush, and. He had me get on my hands and knees on our bed and lower my head.

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Then he seemed to stroke the same spot high inside her from both sides until she began to shake as she built towards the strongest orgasm of her life. Remember that in the future, young lady. A gentle hand stroked her lower back soothingly. The machine gave another little whirring sound and then spit out a second slip of paper.

November 04,

Each stripe also served to jiggle the root and increase its burn inside her poor backside. The first line of fire fell right in the crease where her bottom and thighs met, making her howl in pain. She was mortified to find herself completely bare from the waist down, and to add insult to injury, his right hand began to swat her upturned bottom with each step he took toward the table. Lisa was frowning down at the apple in her hand. She spread herself wide open to his gaze with a shuddering sob. Smythe pulled the burning root from her tender bottom, then lifted her carefully to stand in front of him, hugging her to his side as he led her to the small toilet tucked behind a screen.

The man collected the paper, read it, and then turned to Felicia with a look of resolve on his face.

A whirring sound filled the air as brightly colored lights began to swirl beneath her palm. You can also subscribe without commenting.

The ins and outs of my journey with my husband into our domestic discipline lifestyle!

Lisa looked at her, startled by the outburst. What was wrong with her that she found this vile treatment arousing? The machine has determined this is what you need.

When he had it all the way in, he patted her bottom lightly and then held it in place. Three fingers shoved inside her aching sheath hard and fast as his thumb stroked her swollen clit in a circular motion, and she came a few seconds later, screaming and bucking in his arms. I want my Snickers bar you big hunk of tin! At her approach a small flat panel slid out.

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Felicia lost count of how many times his hand fell as he spanked her, but the discomfort and heat in her poor bottom grew quickly. Surely this violated several labor laws… Her shoulders slumped. Drop your panties to the floor, raise your skirt to your waist, and bend over the end of the table. He continued working it in and out of her bottom like a parody of anal sex until finally he pushed it all the way home. Felicia quickly brought her hands and arms to rest beneath her hot face, gasping when he made some kind of adjustment to the table that lifted her feet from the floor and arched her bottom out prominently for punishment.

Felicia moaned as the fluid began to fill her to capacity. She shuddered and began crying again as she shook her head at him. Felicia smiled when she read the memo talking about a new program her company was instituting immediately. Smythe lifted her sobbing form to stand in front of him and turned her to face the corner. His implacable resolve made her bottom clench as she watched him attach the well-lubricated tube to the bag and walk toward her.

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Her bowels were already protesting the intrusion and cramping in response but still it continued until she felt her tummy swell as it was filled completely. She knew he could see everything from her cringing bottom hole to the moisture gathering below it. Add your below! Felicia groaned and spread her thighs wide for him.

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He stood her in the center of the room and got a straight-backed chair to set in front of her, while Felicia watched him warily. Felicia spun to face the corner, all too aware her bright red bottom was on display to anyone who happened to walk in the door. Smythe explained. I want a Snickers not an apple! Felicia turned to see him standing there next to the table holding a thick tube attached to a large bag hanging from an IV stand.

Felicia took a step back.


Don't Miss See an error in the new site? By the time he stopped her bottom felt like it could light a furnace and she was sure it was swollen to three times its normal size. Report it! He continued to press firmly against her little hole until the tube slid inside, stretching the tight ring of muscle.

Felicia suddenly stiffened and her breath came out in a keening wail as she came hard, fluid spurting from her in the process until she lay spent in his arms. She really should have read the memo. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I must insist you come with me, Ms. Why should I come with you? Failure to comply in immediate disciplinary action; you will find if you read the fine print of your employment contract that the choice of discipline is at the discretion of your employer in any instances that it becomes necessary. She heard the snick as he released the valve and warm liquid began to flow into her bowels.

Spanking a to z — f is for the firefighter’s girl #spank a2z

It would be best if you took your apple like a good girl and returned to your desk. Felicia practically threw herself over the end of the table and then reached back to catch a burning bottom cheek in each hand. Later, after she was all cleaned up and dressed, on her way back to her office she saw a friend at the snack machine.

Then, to her horror, her panties were unceremoniously pulled down to the tops of her thighs, baring her to his gaze. Please—please take it out! That is something I would enjoy exploring another time, but today discipline is the only thing on the agenda. Were her lips swollen and wet? Don't miss the newest releases! Who are you? Smythe methodically striped her bottom from mid-thigh to just below where the end of the ginger root poked out from between her cheeks.

She stared at him in horror, a little squeak the only sound that escaped her lips. I want a Snickers bar and I refuse to eat that apple. The man gave a sigh, then pulled her face down over his lap, clamping his right leg over her thighs and lifting her skirt in barely more than one motion. The little trickle of moisture escaping from her vaginal canal to line the lips of her labia only added to her mortification. Her anus contracted nervously as the tubing was removed, and then she felt something even thicker pressing against her sore little hole.

Are you seriously going to write me up because I refused to eat an apple? Directions were on it instructing people to type their selection into the keyboard and then place their palm directly on the surface to the right. Felicia spun to face a very nice looking older gentleman. Yes, add me to your mailing list.


Once she was all clean he picked her up in his strong arms and carried her to a chair, where he sat and cuddled her on his lap. Then she felt the tip of the thick tube press against her anus. With a puzzled frown she approached the machine. You took your punishment very well, Felicia. I promise! A strange man was staring down at her tight little asshole, a sight no man had seen before, and he planned to stick that tube up it. What exactly does that mean?

Finally it was over and she even submitted to Mr. He was gentle now and caring. Smythe pushed the thick ginger root in a little, then twisted it before pulling it out again.

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