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Relatively few stories use genderbending as a way of exploring transsexuality or the more complex issues of gender identity. Typically, as MadameAce has said in a postgenderbending is used to spice up existing romantic pairings between characters. There are several reasons that authors normally use genderbending. Sometimes if the relationship in the story is as fanfic tends to be comprised of two guys, the author genderbends one of the characters so that the pair can more easily have children. But regrettably, in most fics, genderbending re as a trope where guys for the most part are turned into girls and then there is a lot of sex, for reasons.

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I hope you are doing well. My notes: This story is AU from 6th year on.

I must say though, that in the first part Draco is pretty much a bastard, but once you get past that, the story unfolds beautifully. Harry quickly discovers that the Angel is not what she seems, and fights his attraction to her, while both he and the Angel are drawn into a web created by ancient magic that pulls them together, whether they are ready for it or not.

Hi Anon. Thank you! I also keep Simpler lists of Drarry Recs with all the relevant info but without the running commentary.

My notes: One of the first genderbender stories I read, intriguing and fun and sexy. Harry] Zeroing In by tryslora NC, 20K Summary: Harry goes out for a night on the town, determined to finally lose his virginity, and wakes up in bed with a lovely woman and breasts of his own.


Next post post. Just wonderful.

Life is too crazy, and I'm only doing it sporadically. Right now I'm not talking rec requests as much. It was two gorgeous sequels Bearded Lady and Carnival Games that go through the war and post war.

Hey Capitu! You can also check my tags. Credits: Header Art "Drarry Kiss" by anemonen tumblr [used with permission].

Then, one day, he finds comfort in someone unexpected — Harry Potter, who is keeping a most tantalizing secret. Please do drop me a line, or stop by at capitu livejournal. My notes: And yeah, this one is the hottest thing, too!

Instead, they find the Tuxedo Angel, a beautiful witch performing in Rome. I was wondering if you could rec any good gender-bent fics were either one or both of the boys are gender-bent?

Hogwarts is a lonely place for the boy who used to have it all. Shocked to discover that he has the extremely rare disease of Zerophilia, which makes him change gender when he orgasms, he is even more shocked to find out who else shares this disease.

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