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From wen I was 15 my father who is extremely strict made me shave my head on special occasions. How did it happen? Ill tel u the story. In 10th standard I had feeling for one boy in cls.

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Jaya replied. A small bald patch appeared and my thick hair started falling down on the floor. Unfortunately after a few days one morning when appa was eating his breakfast he found a hair strand. Need to solve the issue but you haven't done that one.

Body and Fitness. Hi Meena, Sudden changes would be take place all of suddenly only. He warned me if this happens forced he will have shave my smooth. So it is good to accept them and digest them as soon as possible in your life which would be good for you only. Similar confusion is there at some other places.

What happened to your amma mother? We stay in panruthi a small town in Tamil Nadu. Name: Hayaathi Subject: RE:my forced hehave. Hi Meena If you are writing an imaginary story then i mus tell you that you have failed miserable. Slowly the punishment side of my head was fully bald, he then started shaving one side of my head and my other side of headshave too.

He rolled her hand over my head and told the barber to shave again. I brought the blades and gave it to the barber he loaded none into the razor.

Name: Vasi Subject: RE:my forced hehave. During lunch when appa was eating food he found a very long hair strand in the sambar south Indian dish. There was a large pile of hair, the barber asked if he could take the hair and sell it as a wig.

You were writing an imaginary story and did not edit is properly. When the hair was fully wet he then took the razor and asked me to hold still but she was weeping and shaking.

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The barber asked me to open her bun but I was still weeping. Make - Up. Smart n Trendy. Sit and talk to your dad. Name: Jaya Subject: RE:my forced hehave. And when at home he constantly keeps shouting at all of us. Navya replied. I do not think you would have been born earlier than when he was around So you are probably 11 year old - too young for cooking and getting punished for the hair strand. Appa told me to bring some blades from our shop.

Embarrassing forced haircuts at afghan schools become a thing of the past

Was it you or your amma who was punished? Appa shouted at me to go and sit on the stool, I went and sat on the stool but was weeping helplessly. I had very thick hair which is buttlong. He became very furious he started shouting at me. Hi Meena, It is really heart touching for a girl. If your father is 35, how old are you?

Then he started at the back side of her head and shaved off to her nape. My head looked round like a cueball.

Hi Person, So had you done head shave can you say what was your experience about that and how was the day for you can you share all those thins if it is possible also and it would be known to all the people also. Stories if written should be believable. Why only you should cook? When you about your father behavior you need to be careful know it has happened due to hair fall. The barber arranged his things and asked to bring some blades for the razor.

He started wetting the hair and started massaging it. Hi Meena, It is completely your mistake only when your father had given you chance you have to be careful from hair. Name: Navya Subject: RE:my forced hehave.

Punishment head shave for son

He started shouting at me. Hi Meena, It is good to hear that you have done head shave and are you going to continue also that would be so glad of you also and it would be better if you have done that and i wish you would revert back. So please write stories which can be believed. Mrunali replied.

Name: Dia Subject: RE:my forced hehave. But for women hair is very important. Hi my name is Meena and this happened in our house recently.

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The barber got irritated and slapped me again. Our servent went and brought the barber. Family Planning Read About Read About Skin Talk.

Name: anandi Subject: RE:my forced hehave. Dia replied. Name: Mrunali Subject: RE:my forced hehave. At least you must try to convince your father. Hayaathi replied. My appa father is a very short tempered and strict man. Appa told him to clear the pile and go, the barber was delighted to take the hair as he would make a fortune from the thick hair. Appa told him to arrange a low stool and some water in backyard.

Name: banu Subject: RE:my forced hehave.

Punished and forced hehave by bobby

If not, then was this happened with your mother or you? Vasi replied. MY hair is very jetblack and shiny and I usually wears it in a punishment bun or sometimes in a braid. Subscribe to this conversation Reply Anonymously.

He told our servent go to the street end and call the local barber. Hi Person, For men head shave will not matter a lot because as they have short hair it will be easy for them to grow. I must be looking like a temple priest with her forced and sides of her head shaved and only back remaining. Nikki replied. Name: Meena. He is 35 yrs old and has departmental store where he goes n sits every day. Hair Care:my forced hehave. Hi Person, So head shave would be some memorable experience for people in either good way or bad and it is sure that headshave can remember this and you would share it to all.

He is keen about things. This time he was even more furious. One weekend I had a headbath and left I hair open for drying while cooking food. When the barber finished appa see if my head was fully smooth or not. The barber was told that it was a punishment so he gave mea tight slap and push my head down and started opening my bun, my thick hair rolled down at once.

Name: Nikki Subject: RE:my forced hehave.

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Embarrassing forced haircuts at Afghan schools become a thing of the past.

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