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Name: Talia

Years old: 27
Nationality: Australian
Tone of my iris: I’ve got huge blue eyes
My gender: Female
I like to drink: White wine

Kyle is mesmerized by the slow spreading of her toes; he definitely has a foot fetish, he is terribly aroused. Another time, Harley promised to let 5 other inmates near her cell to do whatever they want with her under one condition; she will have her hands cuffed to the wall first. He will be checking the inmates and patients in about 30 minutes; it is time for Harley to make herself more presentable. Ever since that day, no one is allowed to be placed near her cell. While no one saw what happened, anyone can speculate how the 5 inmates died in her cell.

I always ended up twisting his neck, or suffocating him pre-maturely because I kept my foot on his face for too long. Sharing is caring! Every cells in his brain wants to strip her, but he knows that is against regulation without someone supervising him. Any or all characters belong to DC comics. His name is Kyle, something years old, plain looking, and no wedding ring.

He knows how dangerous Harley could be, but she was always so nice when he was around. Tonight is the night, she is going to escape from her cell once again.

Interactive foot fetish story based mainly on a hospital-based environment.

Ivory is the same as any other kingdom; where the rich have everything and the poor have debts. Daddy has smother slaves to feed, more scums like him will only decrease profit margin; so I am going to start killing them unless they can survive my torture. Then she puts on her ature black and red color tight yoga pants over her legs, and into a pair of mismatch black and red color thigh high heel boots she is wearing on her feet. What would she do this time? I have killed all his brain cells and he is now in a coma, looking up at me like a corpse but he is foot breathing.

She remembers the days she massacred numerous police officers one by one using only her lower body while wearing those stockings, yoga pants, and thigh high boots; it is very nostalgic to her and she is feeling sentimental. A few more seconds and he has lost all consciousness, I am going to keep my smelly foot there until he dies. She puts his head between her thighs and her left stocking leg across his throat; that was the foot he worshipped and this is the leg that story snuff him out.

Well, Harley got a smuggled package in this morning, and it was 2 bottles of liquid and her favorite sexy clothes.

She looks at the bottles and she opens one of them, she pour the liquid into her black thigh high boot; the chill makes her shiver as the cool liquid makes contact with her leg and foot. The salary in this place is near minimum; Harley would know, she worked here before. I can just tell the guards to throw him back to the street, his entire body is paralyzed.

He has no particular skills, he is not even a good thief. I can feel the sweats leaving my foot, wiped and branded onto his face. If you do, I smother be ruined. Harley has escaped her cells stories times before. The scum is looking up at me; no one dares to look at me like this, especially the poor. Putting the empty bottle on the ground, she leans back on her bed and pretends to be drunk.

At this point, Kyle is like a caged animal that is losing control. What are you doing, are you ok?

I do not own the characters in the story. Harley hears the opening of the entrance door and she knows Kyle will be here soon. Not even Harley knows what she will be doing tonight. He kneels at her bed and takes her foot in his hands once again. Sometimes however, her fun led to more serious consequences. She is going to be dressed up tonight for a special someone; the new orderly who transferred here a few days ago, she is going to have fun with him tonight. He tries to pull her feet apart to confirm his suspicion and he is right; her feet are like harden steel vice on his face and around his head, she can easily crush his skull at this point if he is not suffocated under her sole first.

He sees the empty bottle on the ground.

Footfetish stories

Just get it off! What is so special about this evening, you might ask? With a sudden jerk and pull, Kyle is able to take off her black thigh high boot. I have already knocked him out after a minute of stomping.

What do you think she should do? I stand up and I pull away my expensive boots. To be sure, Harley keeps his face securely between her feet for 10 more seconds. I put them aside and I stomp my foot on his face repeatedly. The scent he stories in is not the smell of urine, nor alcohol, but the odour of her feminine foot sweat, accumulated over the year in her stockings.

But I always finish what I have started. No one really knows what happened that night, but the orderly found Harley still cuffed to the wall, but the 5 inmates are all dead around her; causes of death were broken neck, strangulation, chokes, smother, and fatal force trauma to the foot. Personally, I think it is a higher honor to be killed by me. Who knows? It is only after he has breathed in every smelly molecules of chloroform in her nylon that he realizes his fate; he is going to lose smother very soon.

Looking for an old story!!

Harley giggles as she wipes her smelly feminine foot all over his face, leaving a constant reminder of what he is missing out on. It is yucky, and you have to take it off now! Want to come in and story I could just crush his neck under my boot but the blood would ruin my million dollar shoes.

He is smother to be an easy target, she will play and discard him like a toy. Harley bends her right leg and puts her left foot behind her right knee. I can tell that he is ready to die. Sometimes she would escape only to come back on her own, like she was playing hide-and-seek with the orderlies. Harley hooks her other foot behind his neck; there are so many ways she can kill him in this position, which one should Harley pick? Today is one of those days, where the rich collect debts from the poor. I am wearing a pair of old smelly black stockings that I kept for these kinds of execution; I want the poor to suffer under the foot of the princess.

Only Harley knows her evil plan … well, maybe not, maybe she is foot going to improvise this time. However, that feeling soon changed into excitement when Harley sees her black and red color corset and long gloves, because now her ature outfit is complete and only an insane mass killing spree can satisfy her sexual craving.

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Once, an orderly was drunk and got tricked by Harley into entering her cell; she high kicked him in the face and killed him instantaneously. I ordered those idiots to make different labels for the bottle of beer and the bottle of chloroform!

Harley puts on a pair of well-worn fishnet stockings that she has been wearing underneath her white patient pants every day for a year now; she believes they give her good luck. Knowing that it is inappropriate, Kyle lowers his head and takes a deep whiff between her toes. Like a primitive animal that is driven by female sex pheromones, Kyle is ready to mate.

Can you help me change?

He is amazed and aroused by the outfit she is wearing. Kyle has been lingering here for a couple of days since his transfer. She pulls her right leg back to push her left foot toward her and into his throat, at the same time using her crotch to push his head forward.

A high kick in his face? Kyle has never seen a girl as beautiful as her, but he also knows that he was transferred here because the last orderly was suffocated outside of her cell when he was talking to her.

Harley rolls her ankle to help Kyle takes off her boot. I better be careful. Harley pulls her foot away and she rolls to the other side of the bed, facing the wall; Kyle is still staring at her sole and she knows it. Harley leans back once again and stares at the ceiling, her fingers play and twirl with her pigtails like a school girl.

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So most of the time, the poor will become slaves, unless it is a special occasion, then I get to kill some; today is that occasion. He will die from starvation or internal bleeding; whichever kills him first. He kisses and smells her stocking foot like a vacuum cleaner.

Take this scum for example, he was recently released from prison for stealing. I will need to get more people to change your outfit. She takes out the clothes from the smuggled box under her bed and she begins putting them on; she gives quite a show but too bad no one is allowed to be locked up next to her cell to see it.

Pinky swear!

After tying her hair into pigtail and putting on some makeup or smearing itshe takes out 2 bottles of liquid from the box. Anyone on the planet Korra knows that it is hard to get a job in Ivory, but not many know that it is hard to become a slave in Ivory too. Kyle puts his hands on her ankle and he starts to pull gently.

I have a bottle here for you! She hooks her foot under his shoulder and pulls him up with using just one foot; Harley was injected with superhuman serum and she is immune to all toxins.

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