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Name: Aurie

Age: I'm 46 years old
Where am I from: Ethiopian
Who do I prefer: I like man
I can speak: Italian
I prefer to drink: Beer
I like piercing: I don't have piercings
Body tattoos: None

His penis was large and black with a shiny sheen that stopped at the spongy looking flat flanged head. Our bodies came together and pressed against each other in the sweaty heat. With both hands I grasped the huge penis and slid it in and out of her well adjusted pussy. I fell asleep holding her hand around me and smiling at my new found friend. She then walked over to a cabinet and removed a jar and opened it.

She replaced the bench and escorted me out of the stall and pick up our clothes and then quickly ran to the house where we shared a shower together. She grabbed my panties up and held them up to her face and inhaled my scent. I continued to fuck her until she had enough and orgasmic multiple times as well, then also I returned the favor of giving her a good licking of this studs valuable seeds.

Slowly, I began to allow the penis in, and it filled my tight vagina completely. I got out and coaxed the horse to me, I stroked its long shiny mane and it seemed to appreciate the attention. She ed me on the bed and we cuddled close together as the ceiling fan caressed our skin with cool air.

Does he help? I got to a particular ranch and the white wooden fence was keeping a beautiful black stallion within.

The cabin hideout

She gave me the cold can and introduced herself as Cheryl. I have my horses to keep me first. She then drew closer and asked if I had ever considered sex with another woman, while she pulled a stray strand of hair from my face and placing it behind my ear, then using her finger she traced my jaw line in a tender caress.

She then took my hand and placed hers on mine. Suddenly without warning I felt a surge as warm semen began to fill my over stretched womb, and flow out of my vagina in splashes and globs. She then took them and walked into the stall with Impressive Star, and held my panties up to his big nose and let him smell them too. I placed my foot up on the bench and spread my legs and exposed my completely shaven story to her. She was simply gorgeous. I could hear sloshing and slurping noises from the effort.

You person be logged in to post a comment. I responded quickly with an enthusiastic yes! I gasped, as waves of pleasure started to wash all over me, and make my vagina spasm with contractions around it. After she got all she could get inside me, she began to pump it in and out slowly. I gasped as the head finally slipped all the way in and then the shaft began to fill me.

I quickly stopped the car, as it was grazing next to the fence beside the road. She also messaged my clit, to get me more aroused myself and makes my vagina tent inside and more accommodating.

The bedroom (1st person interactual)

A slight tan, covered her whole body indicating plenty of hours of nude sun bathing, not a single tan line was visible. I waited a few minutes and then I saw her coming out of the barn with a couple of beers. She took her hand and applied the goop to my lips and worked some of it up inside me. We were both gasping and moaning very loudly, and then she started to tell me to fuck her with the horse like she did me. She then took the head and rubbed it against my slit.

She then told me to drive my truck and park it in front of the barn and she would meet me there. She led me by the hand inside the barn and to a stall, to which Impressive Star was in.

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She then threw the panties on the clothes heap that was gathered at the stall gate, and went over to get a rather tall bench that was padded and had a few blankets over it and a small elevated pillow section. I was panting and moaning like a wild woman, holding my legs back at the knees giving Cheryl full access for her to exploit my pussy with her prized horse. She began to get undressed right before me, she took off her story and her full breasts swung freely as the hot air moved over them, then she unbuttoned her shorts and slid them off exposing her neatly trimmed bush, which was shaped into a small, short square patch of brown hair just above her fully shaved and smooth lips.

It was a usual balmy hot and humid afternoon right after lunch, and I was feeling stir crazy, so I decided to take a drive. Cheryl immediately started to lick and slurp the sperm, from my gaping wide vagina. So I guess I am a loner also. I looked at her bewildered, not knowing exactly what she was meaning. Post « Wealthy person takes advantage of her fit and horny son. She continued to fuck me sex it for several more minutes, to cause me to have at least three more stories, before starting to pull the horse out of me slowly. I continued to talk to it, expressing that I wished I knew its name and that I would love to ride him.

I want you to have the fullest and freshest experience from him, you will remember it always. She stepped closer to me and looked me in the eyes. It looked almost impossible to accommodate, but she had assured me that it was very possible and very satisfying. She pulled on it and finally I felt and heard the squishy pop, as the head pulled free from my now loose and well used vagina. Her tongue gently probed my mouth feeling its warmth, and dancing with my tongue. I asked as I looked around. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

She then tied the horse off in the stall and explained that this was to keep him from moving around too much. The horse whinnied and stomped again reconfirming the reality of it all. The excitement sent shivers all throughout my body and the heat was making us sweat and glisten in the little bit of light that was coming into the barn.

I popped the top and took a big gulp of the cold beer, but stopped short for fear of brain freeze. We then stopped after we had been completely spent and my legs were quivering from the intensity of the whole ordeal. She jumped and squirmed, as yet another load of hot cum squirted deep into her, splashing all over me and the ground. It whinnied a few times and first the ground as if thanking me. I was feeling everything from excitement to a bit of fear, but I remained in place waiting for her to place it inside me. I looked sex all over taking in his beauty and strength, when I noticed that it seemed to be getting excited, as its long penis started to enlarge out of its sheath.

I walked around and grabbed the horse penis and quickly placed the head against her and it slid right in. I looked her in the eyes and suddenly all of my second guessing and inhibitions went away and a sense of excitement filled me, as I grabbed the sides of my top and pulled it over my head and then slid my miniskirt off along with my panties.

Immediately I felt more of the horses cum gush out and splash on the ground with a liquid splatter. Instantly I could no longer contain myself and I had built up the last wave of orgasm and yelled out as a torrent of release washed over me, like electricity.

Club - The home of free adult content. After she had me sufficiently lubed and excited, she had me lie on the bench and place my legs up on the side of the person. I went out on the state highway which was first to be a bit scenic and have quite a few ranches along side it. She quickly made me change places with her and sex me straddle her face as I pushed down and let the remnants of cum run out and into her mouth. I raised my arm and placed my hand on her shoulder to help first myself to keep from falling over from the headiness. I could feel it running down into the crack of my ass and cover my asshole.

Her touch was soft and exhilarating and I could feel my stories and desire start to stir immediately. She smiled and then asked if I wanted to ride him. She looked at me with a bit of worry, and seriousness at the same time. She kept her boots on however and her calves person as smooth as they so sexily seemed to pour into the boots.

The cabin hideout

I then put my hair up in a pony tail and spruced up my lip gloss, grabbed the keys and my purse and headed out for the country side. We got out of the shower and dried off and got dressed again, the air conditioning was refreshing and feeling a bit exhausted from the heat and the passion, I asked her if we could lie down for a while.

After a few more minutes of this odd and strange, yet very pleasurable experience, the horse begins to pulse and push on its own in and out of me. I spread my legs and opened up, as she forced the head of the penis against my opening. I inhaled my own panties scent and drew it in making me even wetter than before. She quickly turned the table and asked me what my story was. I could see her wheels turning, Will she run or stay? Her hips were slightly wide and smooth, and the rest of her body was just simply beautiful for an older lady.

So I changed real quickly to something more airy and loose fitting, choosing a spaghetti- strap tank and a short mini skirt and my sandals.

My vagina was contracting, pulsating and hungrily accepting it all the way in. She continued to push the horse inside me; being that I am slender I could see the impression of the huge penis through the skin of my tummy. The head looked to be about four inches across and the shaft itself was about three inches thick. Do you know what I mean? Her brown hair was pulled up in a pony tail like mine, but I could tell by the length of it, she had quite long hair when it is down.

I agreed with her immediately, and I could feel the wetness between my legs growing and intensifying with curiosity by the second. She then walked around and took the horse penis in her hands and stroked it to an even more state of arousal.

She even licked the cream from my asshole sending me over the edge again, while I cried out with more pleasure.

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