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She was played by Italian actress Luciana Paluzzi. The evening of Derval's scheduled departure on a NATO training exercise, Volpe detains the pilot until her co-conspirators arrive and murder him; replacing him with the surgically-altered Angelo Palazzi. However, after receiving his payment from Volpe, Angelo demands more - a quarter of a million dollars.

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Studying the film, the reports. Fiona : I know me. Fiona : Mm. Mm, this bed feels like a cage. On the way we can have a little talk. Bond : No. It's just that I have no desire to be Fiona : Well, at least you won't have to Have you been here before, Mr. Bond : No, I haven't. Francois Derval : You know your Francois, huh? Enough to drive you wild. I'll inform One we made a new arrangement. What I did this evening was for King and country. Bond : Friends of yours, no doubt. Fiona : You would like Bond dead. Fiona : [after a lovemaking session] You made a shocking mess out of my hair, you sadistic brute.

Angelo is right. Fiona : You better fasten your safety belt. James Bond : My dear girl, don't flatter yourself.

When the time is right, he will be killed. I shall kill him. Fiona : It's no good you trying to escape, Mr. Bond : I don't want to escape. Fiona : [after Bond finds her in the bathtub in his hotel room] Since you're here, would you mind giving me something to put on?

All these bars. Make it a quarter of a million. Fiona : Agreed. Palazzi : Alright, but against quarter of a million. Girl in Kiss Kiss Club : You should have told me your wife was here! Fiona : You dress quickly, too. You don't think it gave me any pleasure, do you?

You like wild things, Mr. Bond, Mr. James Bond? What else have they to do?

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Fiona : Yes Palazzi : Not enough. Come on. Bond : No, some men just don't like to be taken for a ride. Palazzi : Exactly. Strange as it may seem, I've grown accustomed to your face. Fiona : What are you trying to say? Two years of my life. Emilio Largo : I can think of no better arrangement.

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Palazzi : I changed my mind. Francois Derval : But I may not be in the mood then.

Fiona : Why don't you come with us quietly? Do you think I'll be Francois Derval : You'll be here when I come back? Bond : Mm! No wonder you can get dressed so quickly. Fiona : Mm hmm. Fiona : But the music is gonna go on all night, anyhow. This is merely a down payment.

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Will you zip me up, please? Emilio Largo : Pull! Bond : Well you see, I've always been a nervous passenger. Fiona : Fiona Volpe. Bond : Come in!

Of course they are watching us, my dear. She repents, then immediately returns to the side of right and virtue Fiona Fiona : Aren't you in the wrong room, Mr. Bond : Not from where I'm standing. Bond : [to Fiona, as they dance] Do you come here often? Fiona : May I cut in? You may find it interesting. Bond : You don't seem to understand.

Fiona : Some men just don't like to be driven. Bond : Wild?

Fiona : I'm coming. Fiona : Do you wanna bet? Bond : James Bond. I hate to think I'm going to miss anything. Fiona : Do I make you nervous? Or get someone else. Fiona : Because he tries to make love to your Fiona : Mark! Hundred thousand dollars is not enough.

Fiona : But of course, I forgot your ego, Mr. James Bond, who only has to make love to a women and she stars to hear heavenly choirs singing. Bond : Fly here often?

Fiona : You look pale, Mr. I hope I didn't frighten you. Bond : How far do you go? You should be locked up in a cage. Fiona : What's your name? If Bond had died last night as a result of your hastiness, his government would have known for certain the bombs are here. Plastic operations, voice lessons.

Fiona : Put that away.

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Fiona : [after Bond finds her in the bathtub in his hotel room] Since you're here, would you mind giving me something to put on?

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A secondary antagonist portrayed by Italian actress, Luciana Paluzzithe character appeared in the James Bond film, Thunderball.

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For the filming, a working missile launching system was fitted to the motorcycle, but the explosion which destroyed the car was actually detonated remotely by stunt coordinator Bob Simmons, who was also the stunt driver of the black car that gets destroyed.

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Paluzzi originally auditioned for the role of Domino Vitali in the film, but was given the role of Volpe.