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Fluorite Plains is one of the most popular maps in the game and is also one of the most popular roleplay hubs. The general chat is filled with advertisements and random conversations.

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On the other hand, if the characters are badly outmatched by the enemies, then tone them down. But the idea is to challenge the players and their characters, not to overwhelm them. Help them? But the CZ is still big, and it is the rotted, gutted, feral heart of the Windy City.

Each scene outlines the most likely sequence of events, as well as how to handle unexpected twists and turns that inevitably crop up. Jim could hear him still mumbling to himself, about missing kids and innocent girls, and shook his head. It starts at th Street to the south and runs nearly 30 km North way to Belmont Avenue to the north, and reaches from the Lake Michigan an average of fifteen kilometers to Harlem Avenue to the west. The SINners.

Adding to their Professional Rating will give them a larger group Edge pool to draw from, and gamemasters are encourage to use this Edge when logical. Step 1: Read The Adventure Carefully read the adventure from beginning to end.

Step 1 – solve feralheart problems

Please keep in mind when preparing for the adventure, that the PCs will not necessarily be comprised of a balanced party. If the characters run into a brick wall because of such complications, show flexibility and use your best judgment in how you lead them back to the plot.

We all know that. Any magically active being that does not match the aspected domain should treat this as a normal background count and suffer penalties.

He poured another drink as Nick waved at him again. Length of unit: 6 lessons I. This unit will be. Unless otherwise noted in the scene, assume a default background count of 2 anytime characters are within the Containment Zone. Shadowrun Missions adventures are deed to run in a standard four-hour convention time slot. Major NPCs can be found in the Cast of Shadows at the end of the adventure, and have more detailed write ups, and include most of the skills and the gear they have access to.

They wall up downtown overnight, BAM, just like that! All maps, player handouts, and other playing aids are found at the end of this document. If the enemies and challenges are too light for the characters present, then increase them. All rights reserved.

This subsection should usually only be used for home games, or games where time is not a factor. Standard rules such as success tests, glitches, critical successes, and other common mechanics are described in SR5 and are not repeated in this adventure. NPCs in this adventure have already been created and can be found throughout the adventure.

Protect them?

This includes spellcasting Force limits, so spellcasters need to be careful as it can be hard to control the additional surge of mana. You should feel free to modify the narrative as much as desired to suit the group and the situation, since the characters may arrive at the scene by different means or under different circumstances than the text assumes. When possible, use this as a guide to know when to tweak the enemies and encounters.

Full information on the Shadowrun Missions living campaign is available at shadowruntabletop. This is not to say that games cannot be failed. This section offers some guidelines you may find useful in preparing to run SRM Ancient Rumblings or any Shadowrun Missions adventure.

A simple method for adjusting difficulty is to simply increase the dice pools and Professional Ratings of the enemies. If the players have no magical support, replace magical defenses with mundane ones. Debugging offers solutions to potential problems that may crop up during the connect. Make things difficult but not impossible.

Aspected background counts grant a boost to any limit that utilizes magic in any way see front to any metahuman, spirit, or dual-natured creature that matches the aspected domain. The scenes and NPC descriptions offer tips on adjusting the NPCs to server the abilities of the characters in your group. Nobody is perfect all of the time and everybody makes mistakes.

Minor NPCs are found in the individual scene that they appear in, and generally have a brief write up, noting only their important skills and the gear they are carrying. Any being that is magically or astrally active in any way dual natured, astrally perceiving, casting a spell, has an active adept power, has an active foci, etc. Sometimes you drop the ball and forget something or you just make a mistake. If the players are Feralheart on combat, reduce the of enemies by one or two. PCs are allowed to go on one run per week. Step 5: Challenge the Players Gamemasters should challenge the players but should not generally overwhelm them.

God only knows how many SINless went missing in that time period, how many of the poor slots in the CZ. Or how many SINners just never got reported or the corps are keeping under wraps. Just pick up from there and move on. Just the ones that get reported.

Feralheart problems

Noise levels will vary from area to area, but unless otherwise specified in the scene, assume a default Noise level of 2 anytime the characters are within the Containment Zone. It also covers the setting of the encounter, going over environmental conditions and other properties of the location as well as providing any descriptions of important items.

Step 2: Take Notes Take notes for yourself while reading through the adventure that you can refer to later on. As the gamemaster, please make certain to fill this out and off on it for each character.

Tell It to Them Straight is written to be read aloud to the players, describing what their characters experience upon entering the scene. In the interests of time, you may have each player fill out the sections, with appropriate values that you give them.

There will be a section to post the outcome of the Missions adventure. Gamemastering involves juggling a lot of different things. Gamemasters should avoid letting the players get into a position to do high value looting whenever possible. Your players will understand and forget about it once you get back into the action.

Dualnatured creatures and spirits suffer this penalty to all actions. Get a feel for the overall plot and what happens in each scene. This town went to hell two decades ago, and we just refuse to admit it. Use your own style when it comes to preparing and running the adventure and do whatever you feel is best to provide the best Shadowrun game you can for your players.

Anyone can supposedly freely travel between the Zone and Chicago proper, but Lone Star watches those coming out and the gangs and warlords watch those going in very closely.

Made the rest of us all feel like chumps. They are the allies, antagonists, and background characters in the adventure that interact with the player characters. If the characters die through their own actions and repercussions of those actions, then so be it. He motioned for another, then waved at the small stack of folders in front of him. A mass of torn down buildings and hastily-erected barricades were added to and reinforced over the three-year period that the Containment Zone was in effect, and even now nearly twenty years later this barrier stands as an imposing divide between the Zone and the outside world.

Areas of Chicago outside the CZ may also suffer background count bleed from the Zone. Please keep this in mind when running the adventure. These scenes form the basis of the adventure, which should be completed in approximately four hours. A Note on Loot and Looting Gamemasters should be careful what they allow players access to, because they can and will try to steal everything not nailed down and even then, they often have pry bars and claw hammers to deal with those nails.

Each one contains the following subsections, providing gamemasters with all the information necessary to run it.

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Paperwork After running a Shadowrun Missions adventure, there are several important pieces of paperwork that need to be filled out. Also go over the characters and keep their events listed on the Debriefing Logs in mind when determining non-player character actions in various scenes if such a dynamic has been included.

If you are running short on time, you should streamline each and be a little more generous with clues, target s, and other requirements to aid in guiding the players through the adventure. Background counts above 12 are called either a flux for aspected domains or a void for magically dead zonesand are very dangerous.

The persistent low-level background radiation coupled with a distinct lack of modern matrix broadcasting equipment through the area in a high level of constant background Noise that makes even basic matrix communication difficult. It was yet another of those nights. Besides the background count, the CZ is a virtual nightmare for deckers and technomancers. He activated his commlink and called a cab for Nick.

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Yep, definitely one of those nights. Make sure that you have enough copies of the Debriefing Log for this adventure to give one copy to each player after running the adventure. At most convention and Open Play events, gamemasters should omit this information. Missions should be difficult and something of a challenge, but should not be insurmountable.

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