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Well, what exactly do big and buff female fictional characters do? Whatever the author wishes, of course! Bashing in the skulls of dastardly villains, taking on a horde of flesh-eating zombies singlehandedly, warding off an alien invasion, or befriending a small and nerdy male protagonist usually to the erotic benefit of said male protagonist are all par for the course. Naturally, this genre of fiction appeals to a wide of female muscle fans out there in the wider world.

Name: Alidia

Years: I am 47
Where am I from: Mexican
Caters to: Guy
What is my Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Other hobbies: Riding a horse

They all had the swagger, the euro sports cars, the Aspen Winter condos that screamed wealth even if it came from Mommy and Daddy.

In this case she drove her car, and there it was. This girl was presumably working out inside this very gym.

It was crowded and even from his vantage point there was a bit of difficulty picking Nadia out. She wore black spandex shorts and a red OP T-shirt cut off at the midriff with sleeves and collar removed.

His friend's words 'She's a freak, built like a tank' sounded off in his head. She was far beyond anything he'd ever imagined.

It worked. James crossed the threshold into the weight room. He mused that getting women into bed was becoming easier nearly to a point of it ceasing to be a challenge. Her traps and deltoids were just massive. There were so many other patrons it was hard to tell.

Despite the incredible weight she did them with a sense of ease her motions incredibly fluid.

There she was! As for the car her Mustang was an extension of Nadia herself.

This someone was a girl, only 18 as it turned out, and was quite a sight to behold. For an instant he thought he spotted her near the other side of the huge room. The walls were painted light gray, with neon lights accents spread about to break up the monotony of gray. She had a red bandana wrapped around her head acting as a sweatband and wore a pair of red Reebok sneakers to top off the ensemble.

There was a slightly smaller space reserved for hard impact step aerobics classes, one of which was in session. James really hated that tune.

He opened the doors to Westwood and took in the interior space which was quite spacious. Near the locker rooms were several saunas, whirlpools and one Olympic sized indoor swimming pool. She looked stunning and incredibly powerful. He hated messy women.

His jaw dropped. It was a sunny warm late afternoon in August. James was told she had chestnut reddish brown hair cut in a short pixie style with one side slightly longer than the other.

He maneuvered around others as he descended into the maze of equipment racks, dumb bells, barbells, weights, sweat and grunts. Chase wrote up a day pass and gave it to him.

Diana the valkyrie's library of amazon growth stories

James was certain that Nadia would instantly find him scorching hot. Depending on the weather and whether or not she had to drive her little brother to school she often drove a car or rode a motorcycle. Women fell for their charm. By Emil, August 4, in Stories. She had happily married parents who were both doctors at Stanford University Hospital, and she had a younger brother named Alex.

Shoulders that made up of segmented muscle striated in bands that reminded James of a cluster of bananas. He checked to see that his perfectly coiffed dark hair was in place. The largest of which were the free weight and ading Nautilus rooms. James was on the prowl. Nadia lived in a fine neighborhood ten-minute drive from Westwood. The girl in the gym would be no different after all she was only If she wanted to see a freak he'd show his power wand between his legs.

Nadia was performing squats with several muscle-he hanging around her like a pack of vultures. There was the famous Mary Logan a Scottish immigrant living in Chicago who amazed audiences in the s with near super human strength. Do it before Chad, Chuck, Brandon, or any other member of his circle tagged her. Neat, orderly, on time, and willing to take his orders on command. He wore clothing fit for a gym; a bright teal T-shirt, blue shorts, tube socks and bright white Nike sneakers.

The interior de allowed for a multitude of floor to ceiling mirrors. James actual reasons for his visit had to do with adding this supposed dynamo to his stable of young women who had already fallen for his charm, good looks, libido, and prodigious sexual organ that swung under his sweatpants.

As he did so James passed several full length mirrors. There would be time for self-indulgence later.

He shook his head as he peered through the glass window and saw that the interior needed a cleaning. Looking at himself in a reflection was always a bit like love at first sight. Catching himself reflected upon a window of a Ford Bronco he ran a hand through his wavy blonde locks making certain it was perfect.

Ramsbottom's circle of fellow alpha male friends nicknamed themselves the Aqua Velvas a bit tongue in cheek to be sure. A black '69 Big Boss Mustang. This time he didn't stop to admire himself as he was on the prowl for his new prey. He looked to add Sonia to his list of conquests too.

Whether she was in the sheets or not he forgot to ask. The entire building broken into three large sections. There were steel framed posters of male and female hard bodies hanging along the front lobby and rear hallway leading all the way to the locker rooms at the back of the gym. Was that her? Loud, big, brash, powerful, and full of business. Her legs and ass looked as if they were straining to burst out of that spandex. Both Alex and she were less than a week from becoming a freshman and senior respectively at San Delgado High School. A virtual litany of Italian fashion lined the closets of it's members.

The carpeting was a slightly darker tone of warm gray. From top to bottom he was the perfect image of physical fitness. You could spot an Aqua Velva on the streets or in a club by what and who they wore. How could she not?

He had seen from magazines, articles that featured a few women who had achieved some impressive muscle size and physical strength. She exuded a scorching sexuality that was different than anything he'd encountered before.

James chuckled as he walked up to it shaking his head. James wasn't expecting Nadia to look like this. Today could've spent the afternoon lounging at his favorite sport club named Killearny but he was in search of someone he had heard so much about from friends. He loved discipline in his girlfriends. He smiled at his male model looks and winked.

Diana the valkyrie's library of amazon growth stories

Her name was Nadia Niculescu. They dressed and walked to impress the fairer sex. One friend had mentioned that she was a real freak. What he had heard not only peaked his curiosity but his other head down below as well. James then looked to his right. He caught his image reflected off of the glass. You want me to point her out or go get her? The T-shirt he wore was stretched out, his shoulders, arms, and forearms were well developed.

She was doing a hell of a lot of weight from the looks of it, well over lbs.

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