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This site contains adult content. If you are new here, please for a basic guide to getting startedas well as a description of what you can find on this site. For a spreheet of ALL files published from mid to today, including links, lengths, descriptors, and other information.

Name: Susie

Years: I'm 19 years old
What is my hair: Black
My hobbies: Looking after pets
I have piercing: None

And now, I just gave myself another random selection, this time excluding only the curses.

Erotic hypnosis

Since last time I listened, a nice person on IRC has helped me to test the effects of some of the files on this playlist. Remember me.

Comments: 0 — View Comments. And its am now, so unless IRC proves too much of a distraction, I'll probably give my brain another dose in a few minutes. Advertise on WarpMyMind.

Username: Password: Remember me. In the evening, I hacked up the Princess file and cut out most of the undesirable suggestion - although its a very rough job, using Audacity on a PC with no soundcard.

I love to test my limits, so I'm happy to try anything as long as its not a permenant change. But it seems I have some resistance; even though the rest of the file's effects get into my head very well, I don't feel any such urge. Category: Views: Comments: 0 — View Comments demigraff's Recent Entries Interesting one - Another try - Long time no journal - Random playlist day 5 - Interesting discovery with slave - Day 4 afternoon - more fun with slave - Day 4, experiment with slave - Day 4: less random - Separate playlists again - Unexpected - Another playlist - New playlist - Recap - Randomosity, day 3 or is it 4?

I think I could probably get a normal night's sleep now. But it turned out that I was doing exactly what the file said, rationalising it as my own decisions.

Princess was an interesting experience. But, I'm happy to take advice, so excluded that file from my random playlist generator as well as ChristmasSlave and all curse files.

Videos in erotic hypnosis & stories playlist

The files chosen were:. I figure that as the file gets me into trance so well, every listen will make it easier for me to accept other training. Is that logical? Forgot your information? I think I'm slowly healing. X Girl Time didn't seem to do much when triggered, though I think I might not have enough experience interacting with girls to know how it'd feel to be one.

Comments Add a Comment Title Comment.

She guided me through triggering myself for 2 files X Girl Time and Panty Wetting Princess and asked some questions to see how much effect they were having on me. But as sleeping with a file on seems to keep me from rolling over and hurting myself, I figured I'll keep doing it like this.

Audio adventures

Create Advertise on WarpMyMind. On testing the trigger trying on some cute panties I was absolutely sure that the file wouldn't have any effect - quite a contrast to my normal curiosity.

Apart from that small part-suggestion, the file's effects are an interesting test of how far it can push me. I'd much appreciate any suggestions on which triggers to test next, or how to test them, or any other files to download.

Unfortunately, I don't remember to check which files the playlist actually selected though I remember waking to an awakener in hellion0's voice.

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If you've been into hypnosis for any appreciable length of time, you've probably heard of binaurals.

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This contains links to webs which may contain language and other explicit material not suitable for children and teens under 18 over 21 in AL, MS, NE and WY plus other jurisdictions.

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This is for non-therapeutic hypnosis even though these videos and audios may be like therapy for you.

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