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Literal dicks. A lot of them. In fact, when I tallied up the sum total of how many nether regions I had seen at the end of my esthetic stint, it turned out they could fill a Super Bowl stadium. And I learned a great deal about men. This article was featured in the InsideHook newsletter.

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Thanks for the replies! Search forums. Sometimes it can actually be helpful - stretches the skin. Lots of blood rushing to the area.

Male intimate waxing & erections!

I think it's because they are trying so hard not to get one that invariably they do. I think it's a mixture of fear and nerves.

Is a baby monitor not a bit OTT? What about the clients privacy? I'm going to do a male intimate waxing course so I can start offering braziliians etc for guys. There are a lot of weirdos about and as I will be working from a log cabin in the bottom of my garden I have reassured him by saying I will have a baby monitor in the room and that I will only wax men when he is home.

Thread starter Reddyreddy Start date May 1, Help Support SalonGeek:. VelvetPatch Well-Known Member. I ignore it and carry on. Reddyreddy said:. Enjoy training x. ed Dec 3, Messages Reaction score 24 Location edinburgh. I've never had a client act inappropriately. Media New media New comments Search media.

Bikini waxer reveals what she’s really thinking when she looks ‘down there’… and how she copes when male clients enjoy the process a bit too much

Many thanks! He very rarely gets an erection now. As already mentioned - it happens but importantly doesn't affect waxing process. I find it happens more with new clients. Really interesting thread and whilst personal safety is important so is client confidentiality, you definitely have to tell clients you have a moniter.

No, not going to break up my marriage! Search titles only. As Mat said ignore it and just carry on and generally things return to normal fairly quickly. Can you imagine how offended someone might be that they're viewed as a potential pervert? As the old poster says, just keep calm and carry on.

Brazilians aren’t just for ladies: about the male brazilian wax!

I find that its often more occasional rather than a frequent occurence and often because clients are nervous etc. I had a client that had an erection the whole time I was waxing him.

Not sure I'd get many male clients in for it in my area west yorkshire. He did this for about 4 or 5 visits. When I did my male intimate waxing training 2 of the models got an erection. Also, I don't think many men would like their wives or girlfriends seeing lots of other erect willies as they would worrry about them comparing!!

Lyns x BotoxBoy said:. BotoxBoy said:. I think the baby monitor idea is not a good one, sorry. You have to remember that for some clients it's their first time and they can be incredibly nervous. ed Mar 2, Messages 5, Reaction score Location www.

Is male waxing a popular service? Yep, it happens from time to time. MissConfused Well-Known Member. Lynseypinsy Well-Known Member. ed Feb 6, Messages Reaction score 4 Location?

My question is this I know it happens but I'm wondering is it the norm, frequent, occasional? ed Nov 6, Messages 4, Reaction score Location kidderminster. The reason I asked is my husband is a bit worried about me waxing men and seeing lots of willies with erections! Log in Register. But thank you for your concern :hug: He is just a bit worried about me alone with some random bloke with his willy out!

Personally, I'm not worried at all, it's all skin and hair and I'm so not squeamish. It happened to me with a regular who blamed it on his cholesterol tablets. Log in. Martigirl Well-Known Member.

3 bikini waxers reveal what it's really like to wax a dude's penis

If you or your partner is not comfortable doing this service rest assured your client will pick up on the vibes. I find quite a few clients get erections. Or ask if they want a break? Lynne Baker Lynne The Skin!

3 bikini waxers reveal what it's really like to wax a dude's penis

At the end of the day aim of the game is to get the hair off as fast as possible with no problems I think in this job you have to take things with a bit of humour and not get offend easily! What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Forums New posts Search forums. Before hand I was quite worried about what the hell I would do if I was faced with it so I'm glad it happened.

Questions, and behavior to avoid during your male waxing or sugaring appointment

It happens with clients - its not a deal, comes with the territory. You just ignore it and carry on. He has nothing to worry about in that department but men are sensitive about that subject!!

I've had the odd smutty phonecall although not for a long while nowbut these types would never actually turn up for an appointment. Reddyreddy Well-Known Member. We just don't get paid enough for that!!!!!! I imagine they were mortified! Mainly due to the fear of the pain! The main question I get asked by new clients is ; 'What happens if I get an erection?

Are you informing them what they say could be over heard? ed Feb 5, Messages 52 Reaction score 3 Location www. Once it happens for the first time you'll not be phased if it happens again.

Just think of it as a completely involuntary reaction. They were embarrassed and we just carried on, ignored it and they quickly lost their erection. New posts. BotoxBoy Well-Known Member. I've not had it done but I reckon not many l would get an erection! ed Apr 5, Messages 39 Reaction score 0 Location uk.

Our new persons

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I know most men are terrified about having hot wax anywhere near the family jewels, but we are very technical, very clinical and try to make it as quick and painless as possible.

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Chloe Scriminger, 31, from Hertfordshire, has been working in the beauty industry for 12 years, and is now Head Trainer at Ministry of Waxingwhich has five salons across London.

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It happens and you should not be embarrassed.