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Anon This is a true story. None of it is made up or exaggerated. We are married for twenty years, and have three lovely children.

Name: Orsa

Years old: 49
Ethnicity: Indonesian
Available to: Male
Tone of my iris: Lively brown eyes
What I prefer to drink: Brandy
Smoker: Yes

We had been married for 8 years at the time. The next day I convinced her that it was not the dogs fault. It hurt so bad she could not take a shit.

I then removed her gag and she screamed at me to kill the fucking dog. I was done using her and had left the room to clean her toys. I gently stroked her hair and kept telling her she was going to be okay. That broke her.

She did not love it but did it for me. I looked her in her eyes and told her she would have to wait for him to finish with her. The nurse in the room was bright red! He did a full exam on her and found that she had caused herself hemorrhoids from trying to push the dog out of herself.

Reader comments on the erotic story. Three days later she was still whining about the pain in her ass.

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This was 10 years ago now. They do not believe her. I swear that is not true! I once kinda let our dog rape my wife True Story Written by Head of My Homeongenre zoophilia My wife is quite vanilla when it comes to sex.

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She later told me I kept telling her she was a good girl. I thought to myself, No I am in charge right now and she would have to wait. This story from Head of My Home has been read 1 0 1 0 5 times. After about 15 min she squealed again as he finally pulled out of her.

She went limp and only whined and squealed when the dog turned around to face away from her. I swear to god he chuckled when she told him what happened.

She was beyond humiliated. It took 2 years for her to let me tie her up again, and you bet she confirms that the dog is outside every time. It is in her chart that she has had canine sexual partners. I ended up taking her to see her doctor.

I immediately tried to get the dog off of her, but he had tied in her ass. She gets super embarrassed and tells them that it was a one time thing and that the dog raped her. This was the only way she would let me have anal sex with her.

By using this website you consent the use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy. Please let me know your thoughts. The tears and crying started flowing. She is about 5'3" lbs. The worst part is that the clinic still asks at all of her exams if she still has relations with canines. While down the hall I could hear some noise coming from our room and thought she was bitching about how long it was taking me.

I got her as cleaned up as I could. I was shocked at how wreaked her ass looked and how much cum was pouring out of her.

When I got back into the room I was shocked to see the dog hunched over her back humping her while she thrashed and screamed into her gag. He gave her suppositories for the pain, and stool softeners for the constipation. She needed some time to come down from all the fun. Every now and then her body would shudder and tears would roll off her face. We had 4 kids and things in the bedroom for the most part were eh Every now and then she would let me tie her up for some kinky sex.

I had her tied up and gaged over a low bench.

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She turned and saw her Uncle Grigoriy sitting in the living-room easy chair, with a book in his hand and a cup of tea steaming on the side table next to him.