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Name: Lauren

What is my age: I'm 47 years old
Where am I from: New Zealand

Sweet DeliveranceEpilogue. Jamie Tends Claire. Tied Up. Bend it Like Beauchamp.

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Caught in the Act! Awkward Attempts at Kissing. On A Beach Vacation.

Murtagh Hears Too Much. The Scavenger Hunt. Unwedded Lodging.

Ian and Jenny:. More Barn Love. A Kilt For Two. A Wee Basket From Mrs. Caught in a Thunderstorm. Barn Rendezvous.

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Which is Better : Part 1Part Two. Part Three. Cooking and Seduction.

Able To Breathe Again. Come Have A Bath. Sweet Torture.

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Canon Divergence:. Anniversary Dance. A Pic Prompt. Ian Ships It. Young Ian and Rachel:. Part OnePart Two. Jamie and Claire.

Dirty dolan imagines

Love in the Glade. Modern Dougal. Breaking in the Kitchen. Brazilian Wax. Naughty Pictures.

Justin bieber dirty imagines ✔️

Virgin Bedchamber : Part 1Part 2Part 3. With the Fifth Wee Fraser. Secret Santa - Switcheroo:. Sleigh Bells Jingling. Skinny Dipping. Fast Learner. A Sad Kiss.

Tight Round Arse. Young Ian and Wee Rachel.

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Year FourYear Six. Snow Day: Snowy Day In. Part Patience Rewarded. Anatomy Lesson. The Indians and The Frasers. Missing Scenes:. Strip Poker. Claire is my Wife, Not Yours. Some Boudoir Photos. Creeper Dougal Again. Mile High Club. Negligent Negligee. Angry Jealous Claire.

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James Fraser, Masseur. Honeymoon Quiz. The Sauna. Butter Churn Incident. Collaborative Work:. Furniture Shopping. Murtagh Appreciation Day. Visual Prompts:. Breaking in the New Shower. The Kama Sutra for Dummies by Dr. Claire Gets Her Courses.

Printshop Drabble. Second Honeymoon. Quiet Moment at Lallybroch. Naughty Church Service. Next To Her Heart. Tickle Spot. A Talk About Discipline.


Building the Treehouse. One Shot :. The Grant Raid. Ian Learns From Claire.

Crimson Dress and Jealousy. Hetrong Frasers: Mandy and Jamie. Love and Waterfalls. Honeymoon Movie Night. Honey Works Just as Well. Straight Hair. Always Knock First. The First Time After Faith.

An Encounter. A Surprise for Claire. Rupert and Angus Visits Lallybroch.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

White KnightTrapped Knight. Wee Stockings. Challenge: Sweet Affectionate Moments.

Merry Christmas Indeed. A Kiss Makes It Better. Modern AU :. Sweetness in Starlight.

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Warning: This imagine has a fair bit of degradation.

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I finally got enough Loki fics to create a separate master list!

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It was am when i Walked through the door.

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