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Have received so many requests for a copy of this story may just as well re post it here and now. I did not write this and have been unable to find who did. This is one of my favorite stories i just wish that it had an end.

Name: Clareta

Years: I am 37
Nationality: British
My sex: I am woman
My hair: I've short reddish hair
Favourite music: Electronic
What is my hobbies: Collecting
Tattoo: None
Smoker: No

He'd send me gift cards and doting s. He would look down and get sad eyed and then agree with me. I slowly began stripping away the elements of his life, and reshaped it around me. I told him he should probably be paying for it, and he should probably be paying trannies or dudes.

I learned more about him.

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He would live in his tiny apartment, visiting me on weekends to clean for me. He said "of course! I just do. He responded a few minutes later. I had a plan already in mind. We would both have access, but he only had my permission to spend on his rent, his bills, and a specific food allowance.

I'd ignore him, or sometimes I would tell him about my dates. He had his computer, some dishes, and not much else. I knew he was hot for me. To take what was his for pleasure, to enhance my pleasure. This was going to be different. Doing my homework problems when I was too hungover. I was good at it. We sold his queen size bed honestly, what was he thinking and set him up with a twin mattress on the floor.

He was a pathetic little wreck.

I liked saying things like that, and I knew he liked it, and I liked that to. But if I was right, and he responded in the affirmative, it would be a whole new world.

And then he mentioned his parents had bought him a brand new tv for his birthday. Through him, I learned more about findom. It went on like that for a few years. Driving me and my friends home from parties when I was too slave. I quickly ed back- something I rarely do - "I want the tv. I monitored this all closely. When can you bring it over? It seemed like a normal sentence, but I lingered on it. I began to realize it was a test, a suggestion almost. It was a little weird, I could tell he was nervous, shaking.

So easy. During the week I would order him to do certain tasks, write 10, lines of devotion, video chat with gay guys online, etc As time went on we opened a t bank. Ever since I met him, in diaper, it all just seemed so natural. Together, we helped him downsize.

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I told him outright he wasn't good enough to get a girl. I pounced. His new studio was spartan, but we agreed he didn't need much, and that I needed the surplus. I assumed he was jerking off for me. I didn't want to outright ruin him, and send him into extreme debt. I never saw him with other girls. I'm good at getting people to pay, to buy, the things that I want them to.

Over the next few months we became even more acquainted. From a 1 bedroom apartment to a studio, saving a few hundred a month and selling off spare furniture. My tutor, offering to write my papers for me when I wanted to go party.

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That very day, I was inviting myself back to his place to see where he lived. The rush came from many places, it came from the control, it came from the denial, the ruination, the sacrifice, the indulgence. Where he worked, how much he made, where he lived, what he drove. I remember the day it turned more serious. I took a well paying job in sales. I wasn't entirely interested in putting myself out there online for weirdos, but what I had going with him was nice.

God, he's never even seen me naked. I wanted it, and I suspected that he mentioned it as an offer.

He ed me right after his birthday. It had continued after college, again, naturally. I was introduced to a new world. He once waited at the DMV for me for 2 hours while I slept in. It was the first time I'd let him in my place.

After setting up my new 60" tv, I asked him to box up my old tv- to put it on craigslist, and to give me the money. It would have been to weird and not right to out and out say that at first. I don't know what it is about it, the control, that I like so much. The thought of him living his whole life as a virgin made me wet. He was beyond willing. It sort of just, continued.

Once I realized that, I understood better what he wanted. Whether he followed me or not, mattered little.

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It was never sexual, at least not reciprocally. He had his cheap mattress on the floor, some pink blankets and sheets. I pushed his limits where he needed a push, but he rarely objected. I was right. And it was going to be mine. His paychecks would go there.

I was gleeful in knowing he was a virgin, and determined to keep him that way. The rush I felt that first day when he left and i turned on MY tv, was unlike any high I'd ever experienced. I took advantage.

I thought about it, the way other dommes did, have him open a bunch of credit cards and max them out and then leave him to fend off creditors. I was hooked and I wanted more. He took a respectable job in IT that afforded a respectable lifestyle.

He wanted me to take it from him. Sometimes I'd ask him for flowers or to do an errand. Within a few months, I had become emboldened. I knew what he was and what he wanted from me.

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