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I was standing there, naked, and my cock just started to rise up in front of her as she told me that she had been looking for the perfect set for me since that night in February. She finally chose a shorty set over nighties and long PJ bottoms so that, if we were disturbed at any time I could simply throw on my own clothes and nobody would be the wiser.

Name: Roby

What is my age: 18
Where am I from: Norwegian
Eyes: Bright gray-blue
What I like to drink: Absinthe
What is my hobbies: In my spare time I love riding a bike

If she unlocked you, it was for a ruined orgasm.

She wants to keep you locked so she has a ready and willing servant for next semester. She called you for errands. As they have grown closer, they have shared more and more of each others lives.

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Such as cleaning her dorm room. It was a fun night out with friends at a bar. I guess friendship is better than nothing. It was just too much for you! When He realized you had no spine to confront Him, He started to tease you. While your friends and peers were getting lucky, you were reduced to menial tasks to keep your keyholder happy. You got to be much more intimate with her. And keeping her happy was a priority. You thought maybe this incident would soon be forgotten and just remembered as an embarrassing story. She apologized profusely to the staff and started cleaning the mess.

She spent her days and evenings with him. It would be a shame to never see her again. He complimented your girl friend and was getting very flirty with her.

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You tried bringing it up, but she quickly changed the subject. It was such a wild game! Her Bull is having new ideas about how to discipline you and keep you in line. The only thing to sate your lust is this one picture. You had so much fun on the date. This one picture she probably sent to tease and taunt you. This is not pretend. You never thought she would form a long term relationship with one of her Bulls.

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Then one day, she brought up the idea of male chastity to you. She ordered you outside to wait in the car. Your girlfriend was mortified that her boyfriend was peeing himself in the middle of the bar! Your key holder left the campus a few days before you.

He was a handsome, charming man. She took a liking to you, and you both started hanging out more.

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You hoped you could get to see some more suggestive pictures on Tinder. She was not impressed.

Confident she had you fully in her web, she started going out with another guy. She left a note for you saying that she will be spending the summer travelling with her boyfriend and that she is taking the keys. You were convinced. At some point in the evening a random bar goer started talking with your group. You met an extremely gorgeous and kinky girl who had a bit of reputation of sleeping around.

A week later, she started getting ready for a night out. In return she would tease you and drive you wild. She spent some more time in the bar, probably apologizing to the staff some more. There you would see countless used condoms in the trash.

Once she had you locked, the relationship amped up. You ARE her servant, and she is your key holder.

Rumor spread around campus of your chastity. And now that sharing includes holding your chastity keys. She only calls you when she wants to use you for something, and you happily oblige. Top Photos.

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Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Rubbing her feet, back massages, and even eating her out.

Now she is pregnant by another man. It was fun pretending to be her servant and doing all kinds of errands and chores for her. After a week you were really hoping to get out and fuck her.

Eventually you had to demand release, and that is when she laid down the law. She has a date with that guy from the bar.

As your penis stiffened you felt the familiar sensation of being on the cusp of an orgasm, and then it all spurt out. She was your only source of sexual release. You went to college expecting to get lucky with all kinds of girls. Her pictures on Facebook and other social media were all very modest. She had all her finals done so why stick around? But more often she would have you practice using dildos for prostate stimulation.

You have already heard plenty of stories from older friends about their exploits with women. I still get to see her occasionally, usually when she needs to discipline me for an unsatisfactory cleaning job.

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Happily and willingly living a chaste life with my wife as queen and keyholder.