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I know it wasn't exactly a success, but I'm not giving up on my sister. Not ever. I'm going to find her First thing's first: ask Cait if she'd like to keep accompanying you.

Name: Elsie

What is my age: I am 33
Ethnic: Zambian
My favourite drink: Red wine
I like to listen: Easy listening
Hobbies: Cooking
I like piercing: None
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From memory the only thing that was the same between both triggers was Cait being in party. Put two separate PCs into rut and neither could knock up anyone, not even Evergreen. Fluffy unlocked! I have asked in the past about shark and kobolds as well as other lizardy things but I just started to wonder…will there ever be any wyvern tfs? This is for discussion purposes only. This is not an actual vote that will be upheld by the developers!

There was no error message or anything, just no button. Consuming a dose produces a random transformation towards a Leothran. I fell like you should get a title like waywaker,champion of frost etc.

So, are there any plans for more scenes with the Champion spending time with their not Kinu kitsune kids? I hope this will change in the future? What bothers me with Cait half-leo by Moira is that she has got 4 fingers. It mentions her breasts separately. This is awesome! Greetings it is me the weirdo who asks about weird transformative items.

TF items for rare races ex. Thanks for trying, but I must have been my phone.

Demons 4. Then after finishing Cat Call a new talk option will show up.

Champ needs to have fem pronouns, be currently lactating, and have minimum B-cup breasts. Decided to reload on that. It would be fun to be like a red myr and have venom spit once more for combat and sexy times. I have Cait in party, and made sure the quest is finished. Thanks for the reply! Now I can stop thirstposting the bust in the Discord and play it instead! Im excited for the new Arona scene. Some more unique clothing would be cool.

Finished open ended interactions ex. I am in fact writing more Evergreen right now.

Should I just keep trying till it works or am I missing something? Etheryn must have already done the confession scene. Your patchnotes always leave a lot of questions unanswered.

Byvernia 5. Not sure if this is normal but, after u make Cait a half-leothran. Wyvern, whenever somebody writes it. Hellhounds 2. New foursome scenes with the leohtran twins excluded. Love the update so far, great work! As for the vote, mine is 2.

That was the initial plan but DCL is a bit preoccupied. Also, compared to her biggest breast size on basic Cait, the breasts actually shrink in the process, or at least my Cait shrunk. Dragon is late game. They are for; 1. New areas. Finally go back to the twins and there will be a new option. A shame, but at the same time could have some interesting reactions from Byveria and Lorah.

Those 2 have are neck and neck for 1st and 2nd place in my top 5 in this game, with Kasyrra, Arona and Kiyoko taking the rest of the places, Cait is gonna take one of their places in the top 5 when i transform her, extra question will Cait eventually get preg content? Good luck and keep up the great work. Frost Elves 2. You need to talk to the Twins with Cait in party to put the idea in her head. You need to talk to Cait about it first, at the tavern or camp. Blackoot de by Iceable Themes. Gwyn exists.

Fenoxo's blog

And lastly as a he up from my comment from the last up date, we found out that they plan to do new TF items. Also, good job on making a game where I came for the porn and stayed because I got warm fuzzy feelings from a family simulator side quest in it.

I am at least 18 years old. Only full furry Vari has got 4 fingers. Thank you in advance Fenoxo. I just reinstalled with the new update from scratch and something must have been screwed up on my end cuz they are working now just fine.

Mostly cause I played Skyrim and there a lo of dead end quests in it quests that are only partially implemented. Okay Okay new cait is great… but what if andhearmeoutonthis!

Next highly anticipated milestone: MagiCock. If Balak writes it and no, respectively 2. Was playing the in browser version of the game, so no clue if it affects other versions. Then go talk to the twins about it. Located bra, and asked Grettel. That sounds like a great reason NOT to update the git 3. But now that I turned Cait into a half-leothran, it is not mentioned when checking her appearance, nor is it in any scene with her after.

Am I missing something?

I think that impregnating NPCs might be broken. Maybe have some venom play scenes where you need a vial of it to trigger, but being a wyvern morph has extra dialogue etc.

Just need to find someone to write em…if I was more of a writer I would certainly love trying to submit all sorts of stuff but my skills are a bit too lack luster currently. Something something Valkyrie tasked to repopulate Frost Marches to recover from the Godswar hopeful speculation. Dragons Possibly. Ran into a bug twice, when fighting Gytha for the first time using auto fight on easy difficulty after about 4 turns it breaks the game and no options are selectable not even menu other than the text history arrows. It would be cool after we could give her an item to make her a hermaphrodite.

The JS port is underway.

You really need to update the public Github for Trials in tainted space…A lot of people depend on it to make mods, myself included. Shark People 3. Maybe a quest to get her a new set and some more interactions.

Is it just not implemented yet? When you thaw them out and choose their gender, my game stalls out. Maybe some type of summoner equipment or dark knight items? Proudly powered by WordPress. I do t have any new options. Would binding your soul would be a good thing or bad? I did it but could not see anything really different.

Playerbase really got spoiled by Kiyoko being effectively entirely written by the time the game was landing. Do I just explore harvest valley till something happens? I kind of sometimes feel bad for how hardcore my parental favoritism towards Kinu is where I interact with her more then I do the rest of my tiny army of offspring combined. And I hope that one of the endings would take into all the relationships you have with characters, like the champ settles down, to raise their.

I know mayternity is around the corner but will we see any grettel, nelia or any mares content soon? The tooltip is a hint, you need to have a certain minimum Libido to unlock that option.

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Caitriss is a companion that you first meet during the tutorial of the game in Hawkethorne.

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