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Name: Vonny

My age: 31
What is my nationaly: I'm french
Available for: Hetero
Sign of the zodiac: Aquarius

I'm pretty much in to anything you can think of and if you cant here's some suggestions If you remove the gag I may try to lie, beg or trick my way out of this. I've never told anyone about my little fetish, and after a long time of being alone my small fetish turned into full obsession of bondage and all kinds of other fetishes.

I started my fantasy by pretending that she broke in to my home and tied me up. I started to imagine her moaning and calling my name softly.

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I put he belt on and locked it on tight. She smiled at me and said thanks as she passed by. I imagine Ericka mocking me and laughing at me while she stroked my hard cock. I got to my floor and just as the elevator opened I saw the girl walking into the room across from mine. I Walked up to the main office to get my mail when I noticed a girl talking to the landlord.

Caught in self bondage stories

I found I like just about everything from BDSM to smelly feet to breath-play, even chastity, anal play an much more. Third was the butt-plug. I never had the courage to go into a sex shop and buy bondage toys, so i did with what i could. Did she really mean that.

Now came the hard part, the chastity belt. So i went on to my door losing all hope of being with this girl. I started with my legs around the ankles then the knees. So much that the chastity belt hurt a little bit. I made homemade sex toys and bondage gear with what I could using store bought items. My head is foggy now as I lay on the floor in both pain and pleasure.

I waited outside his office until they were done, so an not to be rude. I then grabbed a couple of my homemade toys. That's when I remembered again. I go to college and come home to my empty apartment. I put my key to the door knob when I hear a soft but loud "hi there". The only way to get free now was to wait until the ice thaw, so I started fantasizing again about Ericka doing this to me.

I start to think of Ericka. With my mouth gagged I imagined it was Ericka who was gagging me. My heart leaped and I started to struggle aggressively now. Second I grabbed a pair of nipple clamps.

Caught in self bondage story porn videos

So lets get on with the story. I started to fantasize her and I together. She looked a lil shot down, but bounced back and said, "Okay Mark it was nice meeting you too, I hope I see you around sometime. She started to get louder and louder, Then repeated knocks on my door snapped me back to the real world.

It must be the thought of Ericka that was making me so horny. This is when my coward mask comes on and I avoid making any real connections.

I stood there weakly saying no problem. I froze the key in a cup of water in my mini fridge in my room so the key cant be used until the ice catches. In my head im screaming say something dumb ass, but like a coward I turned away to the door and went in. So day after day I found new ways to entertain myself wink wink.

I slowly put it in my mouth and strapped it on locking it with the key. My heart jumped and I doped my keys. I'm kind of a loner so i dont have much friends. It read Congratulations You have caught me in a self bondage session. I jumped on the bed and lied there for a bit. Who was It? Why were they knocking on my door this late? Chapter 1 My name is Mark, im twenty one years old and I live in an apartment complex by myself. I was selfbondage my friends and family would reject me so i never let anyone close enough to find out my dark secret.

Its a note that helps build suspense and add a bit of fear to excite me more. My cock got much bigger and harder than ever before. Do with me what you want and for as long as you want. It was hot and I felt so horny thinking of what she said. I checked in story the landlord, grabbed my mail and headed to my apartment. I began moaning into my gag a bit louder than I normally do.

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They shook hands and he handed her a key, then she walked toward the door and I nervously opened it for her. As I did I couldn't help moan a mmpphhh into the gag. I thought to myself here I go, then I clicked the hand cuffs on behind my back. I got a computer and that opened the world of fetish to me.

I then grabbed the last tool for my little session, a pair of real handcuffs. I started to panic as I heard the knocks again. I put the ice in a bowl on the floor so i could get to it when the time was up. So I started trying out self bondage.

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I tried everything you could think of that one person can do by their self. I liked all this stuff but i was scared of ever telling anyone. These handcuffs were real and need a key to open then. I made it myself and use it to build suspense, and building up my orgasm when I finally masturbate after a couple hours of self bondage. I'm not gay but I've always been into bondage since i can remember.

If you get the key before I get out, I'm yours to do whatever you want with. I realized that the ice had barely melted and that I had at least another two hours before I could get the key. Don't let me, I want all of this. There was no going back now. I dont talk to any of my neighbors except the landlord, so I dont really have anyone.

As I thought this I began tying myself up. Can i trust her?

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I was shocked with tons of emotions but it all shut down when i remembered I cant trust anyone. I could feel the heat of my body. Like I said im not gay im into women dominating me in anyway they want. One day I got home from school for the weekend and decided I would have a self bondage weekend.

She looked at me, and she was so pretty, Her face and body were perfect, and she have silky light brown hair almost blonde. The thought of her dominating me was making me so horny. I made it to fill my mouth up. First was the mouth gag. I put hem on one at a time. I couldn't speak, my mouth was dry and I started to say something when she started talking again. I grabbed my laptop and pulled up my "if i get caught" note.

I started thinking dirty things that she would do to me. It was fun for a while but even that started to feel boring.

I could feel my body getting hotter as I struggled against my binds. I lubed it up with my bottle of lube and then slowly pushed it into my ass. This would give me two to three hours of self bondage. I stripped my clothes, grabbed my BDSM gear and started my bondage weekend like I planned, but his time I had a new source of entertainment.

Author's Note: Give me some feedback, be yourself and say what you want.

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