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Punishment story seek boy especially for Butt

house sister Serena
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Today was to be like any other with Mistress Mona except that when I arrived at Her dungeon home, I saw a beautiful tall blonde woman there. Soon I learned that this was Mistress's new friend and a new Domme. New to the art of Domination that is!

Name: Kissie

What is my age: I am 32
I prefer to drink: Tequila
Music: Techno
I like: Shopping
Body piercings: None

She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor.

Daphne loved those spankings, but she wanted more. Nothing she could do seemed to reduce the discomfort of the butt plug in her bottom.

Daphne went over to what she melodramatically thought of as "the corner of tears". However, if Sol thought she needed to be punished, as an alternative he could punish her by making her take the butt plug and stand in the corner. A session with the butt plug seemed like a perfect way to get a naughty girl to ask for her spanking.

She wanted to be held able, to be given punishment spankings when she was a brat or did something bad or thoughtless.

Lisa has seduced him first and Daphne had felt jealous and hurt. Sol put some lube on his finger and pushed it inside her. Finally they agreed that Daphne would not get spanked unless she asked for the spanking. She was wearing a blue sport shirt, which she pulled over her head and dropped on the floor. Which is why I have a habit of borrowing his work for my stories. Somehow the wine brought back the pain Daphne had felt all those years ago.

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The two women had split a bottle of Zinfandel. Assuming I could afford it, I would be happy to purchase some of his photographs, but I have not found a way to do so. At first Sol had resisted the idea. I love willing submission. After they paid the check both women stalked out of the restaurant.

Naughty girls generally hate to ask for a spanking, even if they know that this is exactly what they need. Then he put some lube on the butt plug, spreading it over the cone shaped bottom. I have always liked the idea of a naughty girl having to ask for her spanking. Come on, love", Sol said as he pushed the plug deeper into Daphne's anus. Sol, it hurts. At first she tried to distract herself by fantasizing about Sol, his bottom crimson and welted from a whipping that she had mercilessly given him, standing in this very corner with an even bigger butt plug up his ass. Seeing Daphne in this position made Sol want to unzip his pants and take her.

I don't know who the French photographer is who publishes the Red Charls galleries.

Butt plug punishment stories

She wondered how much time had passed. But you started the fight by dredging something up from the distant past that should have been left alone. Sol opened the night stand drawer and took out a tube of lube and a zip-lock bag that contained a butt plug. She could give in and ask Sol to spank her. Sol took out an old fashion kitchen timer and wound the dial a full turn, before moving the marker back to the twenty minute mark.

This is another photograph from the Red Charls web site. Daphne stood up. He could see how he liked it! Having wild sex, no doubt, Daphne had thought at the time.

Daphne's attempt to ignore the discomfort of the butt plug wasn't working. Between sobs Daphne told Sol that she and her best friend Lisa had gotten into a fight at lunch earlier in the afternoon. It was as if the dark strong wine had disconnected Daphne's ability to think from her ability to speak.

I loved the idea of a naughty girl having to take the butt plug for not behaving when she's taking her spanking. Well, she thought, there was one thing. The second thing Sol noticed was that Daphne was crying.

He loved it when Daphne played the naughty girl and he spanked her soundly before fucking her. Daphne reached both hands back and spread her buttocks. She would show Sol. He was being very unfair. Sol could almost hear the "So there. The plug felt huge and as always Daphne thought that she would never be able to take it. He pressed the blunt point of the plug against Daphne's anus. Daphne glared at Sol again and pulled down her panties, letting them fall to the floor where they ed her cloths in a pile.

Although Daphne hated having to stand in the corner with the evil butt plug inside her, she had to admit that she was there voluntarily. Daphne had dredged up an incident involving a man that they were both interested in. The emptiness of the corner seemed to be filled up by the feeling of plug in her ass. Daphne could end her corner time by asking for a spanking. She always carried a book in her purse so that if she had to punishment somewhere she would have something to read. Relax, that's a good girl", Sol said, moving the plug in and out a little, letting Daphne get used to it.

She was lying on the bed and her butt had ridden up so that the bottom of her sheer black panties was visible over the lower curve of her bottom. This story was inspired by Laur, who sent me an telling me that she liked my stories. Daphne knew that Sol hated it story she threw her cloths on the floor. Some of his photographs may be too explicit for some tastes, but I find his work erotic and tasteful. But he was uncomfortable with the idea of actually punishing his wife.

Punishments one shot's

That last comment had precipitated the argument. The only thing that she seemed to be able to think about was how uncomfortable the butt plug was. She dropped her bra on top of the shirt.

They had talked about punishment spankings for a couple of weeks. Daphne quickly got bored standing in the corner. Perhaps the next time Laur is a naughty girl and finds herself in the corner with the butt plug in her bottom, she can console herself that her suffering has inspired this story. The plug still felt huge. Daphne and Lisa had been friends since college when they had been roommates. What made it even worse was that Daphne had felt lonely and uncared for when Lisa had almost disappeared for a month.

She tried to shift her weight from one leg to the other, but it did no good. Giving Sol another dark look, with which she intended to convey how unfair he was, she went to the end of the bed and knelt in the middle, with her bottom up and her head down, her feet hanging over the edge of the bed.

Painful alternatives

Sol went over to Daphne and lay next to her, talking her in his arms. The fight was all Lisa's fault. She kicked the skirt over to her blouse. This stuck in my mind and I imagined another Daphne and Sol spanking story.

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Laur wrote that she gets the plug when she doesn't behave during her spankings or when she clenches and squirms too much. Although the sharp pain when Sol had first penetrated her with the plug was gone, the plug filling her ass was very uncomfortable. Lisa had long ago apologized to Daphne. Daphne could hear the kitchen timer ticking behind her.

She kept telling herself that she would show Sol, that she was not going to ask for a spanking. He was always surprised at what a naughty girl Daphne could be. He took two tissues from the box on the nightstand and went over to Daphne.

Daphne hated boredom and she hated having to stand in the corner. Her face was buried in the pillow and her body was shaking as she quietly sobbed. She looked so beautiful like this, her bottom presented, her pussy exposed. You love Lisa. The first thing Sol noticed when he went into the bedroom was how nice Daphne's legs looked. For the first couple of years of their marriage Sol had spanked her almost every time they made love. As Daphne's muscles relaxed the pain faded and Sol pushed the plug all the way inside her.

I find his work breath taking. She suggested a story about a naughty girl who gets a butt plug as part of her punishment. This is silly! Thinking about her fight with Lisa made Daphne start crying silently, a few tears running down her cheeks.

They started reminiscing about their college days. But she was not going to do that this time, Daphne promised herself. He thought she looked lovely standing naked in the corner, with the blue silicon rubber of the plug protruding from her bottom.

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