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She comes to you for help. Only you've been needing to take it out on her for a while

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Raavi takes the gun in her hands. She says until you prove that you are my son, I will the papers. Preeto says even we will search.

Preeto scolds him and says you are drinking here and everyone is searching you. He calls Lawyer and tells him something. Soumya asks did you hear. Chintu says Soumya had killed my Papa, I have come to take revenge from her. Soumya asks him to come home.

Chintu says how dare you to snatch my bottle and lecture me. She says now he will do some tamasha again. I love reading novels and creative arts. They all search in different directions. And will walk free after killing her. She tells Chintu that this property, wealth and everything is of my brother Harman and I will call the lawyers and the papers tomorrow itself.

Chintu says I am your son and you are taking their side. Fb ends. He is about to take the gun. Raavi says they are my family, your father had left me, then also they supported me. Soumya tries to pacify Raavi. Please Stop unnecessary hatred towards me. He starts his jeep and goes home.

Chintu goes from there upset.

Harman asks Preeto and Soumya to go inside and says we will search Chintu. Chintu asks her to give him gun and says please.

Lawyer ends the call. Soumya says we shall go home too. They are going home. Hi guys! Chintu says you are showing fake concern and even hypnotized my mother. Precap: Soumya sees a masked man burying a baby alive. Chintu asks will you beat me? Ek Mahanayak Dr. He Will. Raavi cries.

Bullied revenge hypnosis finale

Soumya snatches wine bottle from his hand and throws the bottle away. It will take a lot of time. Not only I will get your comments removed but will also report your comments to the Cyber Crime Cell. The man hits her with a shovel. Preeto asks her not to worry about him. Chintu says you have become fine.

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Chintu says nothing will happen to my mother, I am not leaving my mother and the house, you all will soon leave from there. They all come out. He raises his hand to slap Soumya, but Preeto holds his hand and asks him not to think of this. It turned into a fledged out career fortunately.

Chintu asks who am I? I am meeting you after so many years and you are saying this. I'm very committed and give my best to my work.

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Did I do anything to you? Soumya says we are ready to accept you and will love you like before, this property and wealth is nothing. Both of which are against our guidelines. Balwinder attempts to kill her with broken glass piece, but Soumya shoots him to save Raavi. Raavi cries and folds her hands before Preeto and Harak Singh. U are bad for being Manipulated by Bad people around you.

He says I am your son and will not believe them. They see Chintu sitting in his jeep.

I started writing as a hobby. They go in a different directions. She runs to him and manages to take the baby away. She nods no. Raavi hugs her. I wonder if this baby is a kiner thats why their burying it whatis souamay becomes a mother to this baby I wonder if this can be a puranjanam of heer, like even though shakti is ending, what if they name it heer, i think of it as her.

Raavi asks what is all this, ing at the gun.

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Chintu says there might be some solution. Soumya gives her water. Chintu asks how dare you, have you gone mad? She tells Harman that she will the papers and asks him to get the papers made. The Episode starts with Raavi kissing Chintu and saying you have grown up big.

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Harman asks her to stop crying and says they will go and search him. Harak Singh and Preeto also come there. She tells Preeto. The baby cries again. I know you did not do any wrong. Soumya stops hearing baby crying sound. Raavi asks what do you mean, by we lost Heer?

She says they are half aged, let them die. Soumya comes there and is shocked. Raavi says your father had snatched everything from them, by taking their advantage.

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Chintu says this house and property is ours, Papa named this on us and they have nothing to do with this. Raavi comes there calling them and cries.

Soumya says where he could go, he has no friends here. Because of you iam changing my name. Soumya says we are bearing you, as we love you and asks him to come in his senses and come home. She recalls and a fb is shown. Administrator deleted the comments after checking the E-mail address of the comment.

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Four friends bonded together by friendship, love and obsession will be witnesses to a crime.

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The following is a list of episodes of Amphibialisted in the order they originally aired.