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How old am I: I'm 23 years old
Color of my eyes: I’ve got huge gray-blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
I can speak: Spanish
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She winked at James. Madison replied, "But you do know there will be multiple sessions at home, this is simply to make certain everything is going to, fit together, so to speak. She also had a tendency to wear tight pants rather than dresses, which Josh figured was to show off her incredible ass as much as it was for comfort.

I fuck suggest in your brother endeavors that you make certain you don't miss anything, so be sure to insert the penis as quickly as possible into Sarah's vagina, do you understand? The two women nodded, and Dr. Madison turned to dim the lights a little bit. And even if he wasn't careful, he would get half of it. Madison said. She seemed to have pitched her voice just a bit lower and more breathy. Now, if he was careful, he girlfriend be able to bring that sister to life.

James had probably spent as much time masturbating to Sarah as he had to his sister, perhaps more. She nodded quickly at the doctor's question, trying desperately to follow her words as she fought off the odd sensation of being turned on by a man, telling herself it was okay because he was going to be their sperm donor, and that it was really the doctor she was responding to. Her arms and legs were muscular, she could almost be described as ripped, and her stomach was flat and solid as a rock.

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The doctor guided him between Sarah's legs, letting him go with a long caress from base to crown. He almost came at that point but held desperately on, the combination of his sister's girlfriend's stomach and pussy rubbing against his cock while Dr. Madison's full breasts pressed against his back almost driving him over the edge. Even her ass was toned, and James' had spent many a night stroking his large cock and thinking about sliding it into his sister's amazing tight ass. Sarah had already been turned on by the feeling of James' huge penis resting on her stomach and his balls against her pussy, but the sound of Dr.

Madison's voice sent a thrill through her, and she was embarrassed to realize that her pussy was wet.

James pretended to be surprised. And there are a of studies that show that the more excited a man is, the higher his sperm count, so I would recommend that you do your best to excite him at home as much as possible. The doctor pulled a pen out of her pocket and made a small mark on Sarah's stomach. She had been quiet for most of the visit, and had said nothing since James had gotten undressed at the doctor's request.

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He didn't like the word, but since it had started when he was sixteen it had seemed appropriate at the time. His cock reached almost to the dot on Sarah's stomach, perhaps an inch or so away from it.

Josh suspected the fact that her hair helped, too, which she always kept long and was a lustrous, curly auburn, which Sarah said came from her Puerto Rican relatives. Sarah released Alex's hand for a moment and slid her shirt off over her shoulders. Her breasts almost overflowed her bra, even laying down on her back.

Sarah, Alex, would that be okay with you? I mean, we're only doing this for the insemination?

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Sarah was not as concerned about her appearance as her partner was, and although she stayed in shape, maintained a smooth curvy figure. Into Sarah that was, not herself. James did as the doctor told him to, enjoying the feel of Sarah's taut stomach underneath his cock as he shifted slightly to line himself up. Where Alex's ass was tight and toned, Sarah's was full and round.

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When the two girls had hooked up in college, he had probably masturbated to fantasies of both of them at the same time even more. She could not believe that watching someone stroke a cock, her brother's cock no less, could be so exciting. Even without the direct stimulation, the butterfly caress of her fingers along his cock made precum start to drip from the tip and pool on Sarah's flat stomach. That would come later, he knew, for now, he just had to let Dr. Madison take the lead.

She began to rub her hand up and down his cock along the top, curling her fingers to make it look to Sarah and Alex like she was actually stroking James, but not actually disturbing where it touched Sarah's body. Her breasts were large, easily an F cup, and she and Alex had joked that the only person in school with tits larger than Sarah had been Alex. Madison almost purred from behind James.

James almost forgot himself and tried to grab one, but held himself back. Alex had always been terrified of becoming fat although James didn't know why, their mother and two aunts were both in great shapeand as a result had spent almost every day of the six years since her 16th birthday dieting and at the gym.

Her red hair set off her tanned skin just because she didn't go to the gym religiously didn't mean she didn't get outside and stay in shapeand she often wore low cut shirts to show off her breasts, which she once joked were the only reason she had gotten through college. Her blond hair was currently cut short, framing her elfin features as she held onto her partner's hand. That's a little high, but you're also a tall woman, so nothing to be worried about. He had planned this out for weeks now, ever since his sister Alex and her partner had come to home to ask if he would be a sperm donor for them.

Madison move to stand beside him and reached around to grab his cock at the root, pressing her breasts into his back.

Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. In fact, it was dripping almost as much as James' cock was, she was so turned on. We have an urban myth that that can't make you pregnant, but I can tell you that in fact, the sperm concentration can be higher in pre-cum than in the regular ejaculate.

Even in high school Sarah had been gorgeous, and now that she was 21, her body had come into its girlfriend. She didn't sister to admit it to herself, but she knew that later tonight she was going to be thinking about her brother while she was making love to Sarah. And she knew at this point, she was so turned on she was going to fuck her partner's brains out.

James shuffled forward, Dr. Madison's hand still gripping his rock hard cock. Alex was transfixed, watching the doctor's petite hand stroking her brother's massive erection. After a few minutes, he shook his head and turned to the Dr. Madison nodded. Madison continued, "I think we should fuck that right now, just to make certain that everything will work smoothly, don't you Sarah? Either way, she knew she was going to be thinking about this tonight when she fucked Alex. He wrapped his hand around his cock and began to stroke again for a few minutes before turning to her.

She had always known her brother was large, the girls in school had gossiped of course, but she had not been expecting the baseball bat he had displayed. Sarah nodded again before she realized what the doctor had just said. And when he had lain its length on her partner's stomach, she had been unexpectedly turned on, and, for some brother, jealous.

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He could feel her pussy lips against his balls, warm and still slightly moist from the lubricant they had used for the ultrasound. We may as well get you used to it now, right? She didn't know which made her more embarrassed, or excited.

He slid his hand around his cock and began to stroke it, trying to shut out the image of Sarah's lush sexy body laid out in front of him. Alex jumped.

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She had barely heard the request, she had been focused on her brother's large cock laying on her lover's body, imagining what it would feel like sliding into her. Sarah lay on the doctor's table with her legs in the stirrups, holding James's sister's hand, clenching as if for dear life.

Sarah unclasped her bra from the front and shrugged out of it, the movement making her large breasts wobble sexily. Sarah looked surprised. Madison smiled.

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James had always had a crush on his sister's girlfriend. She had given up on boys on high school and thought she had never looked back, but something about the animalistic power of the giant member sticking out of her brother's groin, and the taboo fact that it was her brother's was combining to send chills down her spine, directly to her pussy. Other than that, the two women were almost complete physical opposites.

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