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Any writers or there have any or know any? Please send submissions. I will post them. Just a few short stories of Benson and Stabler finally getting together on Hallowen Night. By: Miss Dark And Twisted.

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Because the thought of taking the shot—of missing, of shooting Liv instead—tore him to pieces.

What I imagined happened throughout the Save Benson Saga via voic messages. Ripples by eotopia MA In unchartered waters this case will cause ripples. He's dead. Olivia's mouth felt dry.

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Set after Amaro's One-Eighty so spoilers for anything before that. Instead Porter had had to take the shot. He would never do that. Cigarette burns. They are willing to place it all on the line for the sake of a victim, but will they be able to cope with the aftermath?

Wire coat hanger. Do You Trust Me? And then he came back to life. The original characters and plot are the property of the author.

Chill tracking

Rage has always followed Elliot, fifty years and change of it tugging at the tail of his coat like a needy. Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. If the past twelve years had proven anything, it was that their friendship was unbreakable.

There was no need to say the name out loud. Her breath began to quicken again.

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She didn't plan it; she didn't plan to go anywhere. He looks worn, unshaven, bulkier than she remembers and when he draws closer his lips lift into a familiar smile that reaches his eyes. She didn't know how she ended up there. After losing Noah, Olivia wants to leave New York. After all, how could she make plans when there wasn't anywhere for her to go? There was blood already on the floor but he'd be damned if he'd let hers seep into the cracks too.

Trust will be tested, and boundaries crossed, reopening some painful wounds. No money is being made from this work.

Set: Season Trigger warning: suicide and sexual assault. Nothing could have prepared them for the nightmarish can of worms the photos are going to dig up. Enjoy :.

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He's looking at her as if they had only spent the Christmas break apart. She finds herself halfway across the world in London but who can she trust? Set mid Season Mature language, explicit sexual themes. The words replayed themselves in her mind, and Olivia felt the panic start to grip her.

Skin by Artphilia Des. All rights reserved. No copyright infringement is intended. So what really happened aside from what was shown on screen?

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He didn't set foot in the again for years after that fatal shooting in May ofbut how could he leave her after all those years together? Set Season Not 7 years. Trying to kickstart my writing mojo and I'm hoping this will help and motivate me. And now Olivia is here and Kathy is dead and he spends his days ricocheting between the need to make things right with his old partner and the bone-shaking shock of a world without his wife. Wildlife revisited S10, E7. Sidebar: I know there are Wildlife fanfics out there.

Thanks for reading. If she could just make him see that she was trying to rip him off of her like a band-aid, but the pain in his eyes rendered her speechless. Originally posted on Fanfiction. Bad Behaviour has blocked 65 access attempts in the last 7 days.

In attempts to solve a difficult case, Elliot and Olivia agree to go undercover in a particularly risky operation. They were all thinking it. Sleeping pills.

When Elliot finds Olivia's old camera they finish off the role and get it developed. Set mid Season What I imagined Frosted Night Sky Stardust Zenlike. The tears, desperate to escape, burned behind her eyelids. He left the job but he didn't leave her.

What's in a hug? Short but sweet. Prompt from Tumblr - 'Can you forget how a hug feels like? Her voice broke. Originally posted on FanFiction. Set in the future, sometime in Season A case from the past comes back to haunt the squad--one that brings everyone back together again.

She could feel herself fighting When did they realize the line in the sand no longer existed? I'll be adding tags as I go along.

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