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I'm a boy and I always wanted to get punched in my stomach like I want to be left breathless and still get punched while I'm breathless and I want my stomach to get punished and if any girl in Maryland with it please hit me up please I even like to get trampled. I like belly punching and i am from Mumbai, India :- rahulvedh98 gmail. No takers on the punch in my belly The movie I did get beat up one time.

Name: Tarrah

Age: I'm 47 years old
Gender: Lady
What is my hair: Red
What I prefer to drink: Liqueur
Hobbies: Dancing
My tattoo: None

Fuck you! Alexis was hot, brunette with big boobs and perfect skin.

Belly punch stories

Come on! So here's his e-mail: I had this very funny experience. While watching the show, we kept trying to guess the answers. But both Rob and Lori couldn't hear her anymore. I thought, they're so stupid so I would answer all the challenges correctly anyway. Lesson learned: Girls, if a guy said he could make you shit yourself, don't make him prove it. You're gonna have to clean that disgusting thing, bitch!

They hate each other. I was in my friend, Rob's apartment and his girlfriend Alexis was also having a friend staying for dinner. Rob walked to her and Lori kept stepping back. My dick got hard so suddenly. There will be some empty spaces those we should fill with letters until we found the word or the answer.

Killed my baby.

Bellypunch stories

Now you guess," said Eric. I didn't even get the first clue! Tuesday, July 5, Belly Punch Game. She's skinny, with no breast, pale skin, and messy hair. It can be country or city, celebrity name, book title, band, and anything. But Eric threatened to punch my belly if I didn't pick any letter soon. It provoked Lori to push his shoulder.

I changed the names. Saturday, September 3, Belly Destroyed.

After the dinner this feminist bitch threw her favorite topic, feminism, to our conversation. I kept laughing at him. I couldn't story of anything, I was also too afraid to pick any letter, I didn't want my belly to be punched again. So the belly punch game begun. I puked a little on the carpet. That kinda girl always annoys the shit outta me. She's a tomboy and feminist. She looked so scared of Lori's punching.

Whatever makes you guys happy. If we punch a chick in the stomach, she'll immediately shit herself. I was the smartest and I kept answering all the questions correctly, while Eric kept guessing the belly letters. But her friend Lori was really ugly. Lori was suddenly sent to the ground, gasping, moaning, and clutching her belly in agony. And Rob just proved his words. Usually they give us the category. He is so big and looks so strong, but I don't think he has brain. I'll make my own hangman quiz, and you'll guess the letters.

If I left my chair they'd see my dick pushing out my pants. So I finally accept his challenge. I was just kidding, Dude! It could be anything. Rob and Lori never get along well together. My belly's churning. A hard punch right to my belly button. Still thinking that you are so smart, little bitch? She jumped out of her chair and tried to help Lori out.

Punch my belly, please

It made me laugh at him. If you think you were so smart, go ahead and accept his challenge! I fell down the floor and hold my hurting belly. Lori didn't wanna admit that she was afraid, but I know she was. No way man!

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Don't provoke her! Just guess! At some point Rob got very pissed and said, "We are simply hundred times stronger than you girls, deal with it. Tiffany stood behind me and hold my arms. He drew some short lines on a blank paper. At that moment, I couldn't think, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't even feel anything but horrible pain in my belly. But I couldn't do anything. You're not gonna give me the clue first? She hold me from behind, and Eric told me to pick another letter. You're not afraid, are you?

And when she did, Rob punched her hard in her stomach. We could smell shits from Lori's pants. Lori was really mad. She forced me to stand up again. I never wrote new story anymore. I didn't know that it would hurt his feeling. It's been a story time since my last post. The quiz on the TV was punching like hangman game, you know? I had already puked. And, as always, I started belly the letter 'A'.

Fuck you all feminist!

The first five short lines, space, the next five short lines. Now you puke on my carpet! For me, Eric is like a cartoon. Sunday, November 11, This story gave me the best orgasm ever. Still, not helping very much. Rob always thinks that lesbo have feelings for his girl. So finally I said 'E'.

It was already hurting enough. It turned out that she was upset too. Are you gonna punch a girl huh? But I just got this message from a guy, to myand I don't know if he was telling a true story or not, but his story really turned me on. Belly Punch White Stripes. Eric started to give me the first word. So suddenly Eric stood up asked me, "So you think you're so smart, huh? Rob then challenge Lori, "You want me to prove it?

Every time you say the wrong letter, I will punch your belly! I felt so relieved to know that the letter is there.

You like that bitch!? That bitch really shits herself! But still, I have no idea what would it be.

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