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Name: Jacinthe

Age: 22
Sexual preference: Guy
What is my hair: Honey-blond hair
What is my body features: I'm quite thin
What I prefer to drink: Red wine
What is my hobbies: Riding a horse

I then started working her clit and she started to rock herself a bit and make small moaning noises. I figured I should get off the computer so I asked if she wanted to play a board game. So this became the new routine. I got some tissues and cleaned her up. She went to watch some more tv and about 30 minutes before my parents got home I had her go put her clothes back on.


I showed her how a guy usually strokes his penis and she stared, entranced almost. Share Story. Go figure. She started to continue doing this and giggled.

She seemed really surprised and also seemed like she really enjoyed it. She pulled it down a little and let it spring up. Punish me with your dick in my mouth.

I was 16 and had just started my 3rd year of high school. She stroked one more time and I shot my load all over her chest and stomach. My amazing time babysitting. I pulled off my boxers and she watched with big eyes as my penis came out and I took off my last remaining article of clothing. I could tell she had came.

Babysitter (lesson taught)

I got hard in front of her and I saw her starting to stare. We went to wathc some tv until she had to get dressed and leave. New entry: So much to talk about so ill just jump right in. I got up after a while and sat by her on the couch to watch some tv. Being the nice guy that I was, I agreed, thinking about how all I do is come home and watch tv anyways.

I kept stimulating her till eventually she bucked her hips up, let out a little moan, and come back down. Pretty soon I felt something coming and I told her I that something would come out when I reach the best-feeling part. She opened her eyes. I got up and went to make her one.

After she got undressed she giggled and laughed and we finished our game. All I had on now was my boxers.

She watched some tv while I again went on the computer for a while. She said ok and soon I was ready to blow.

She watched some tv while I was on the computer. I slowly pulled them off, using every ounce of willpower I had to keep me from getting hard. Wanna see?

Babysitting for my mom (true story)

I was now so horny it was unbelievable. now! Click the link and get my phone. I saw her looking curiously at my dick. I knew I had to restrain from getting hard because the sight of her was amazing.

Things got more interesting though at the end of the last week. About 40 minutes later she came and asked me if she could have a sandwich. Do you like to be naked? After a while she was rolling around like some kids do and ended up laying on the couch with her body and head hanging off.

I walked towards her sitting on the couch and my dick was pulsing right in front of her. So about the second day of the week she came over and like usual she got naked.

Taking the babysitter home

This cute girl playing with my dick like this it just felt amazing. I slowly moved my hand around her body, feeling her smooth skin and supple parts. School would end, and she would come over to my house just as I was coming back from school too. No ? She then started to pull off my shorts when I stopped her. It was an incredible fuck, just looking down and seeing her sitting and stroking my penis. Story Details. I will not say whether or not this really happened and let you decide that. I told her I story let it go on her stomach. I moved my hand down to her vagina and started to rub.

I was getting excited now. It was fun too being naked around her, although I had to try to keep my dick from getting hard. She came over like usual and we both got babysitter. Already wet from dirty thoughts bout you. Permalink Reply. I began to work towards her clit and she started to breathe more heavily now. She continued to stroke slowly and I guided her hand to go a bit faster. She closed her eyes and started to breathe a little bit slower. We started to play and talk a little bit. She touched it with her hand. Now her eyes got really wide.

Fucking my nubile babysitter

You must to do that! Not wanting to leave their daughter, who was only 13, home alone, they decided to see if I could watch her. I agreed of course. Looking for serious relations? She had gotten up and walked over towards me and started to pull my shirt off. This is my first post. After the show she asked if I wanted to play a board game, so I said sure and she got one out.

I would see she sometimes would stare at my penis, but not for too long. I came back and we started to play and talk a little bit. She came over like any other day and I turned on the tv for her and went to go on the computer. We went back to our board game both naked.

Well cant wait to see what our new routine is. She did and ran to go get one set up. Well nothing else to write about.

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Her eyes lit up and she had a huge smile on her face as she ripped off all of her clothes and got completely naked. I would try to look at her gorgeous body whenever I could. Naturally gravity took its course and her shirt fell over her head, exposing her chest. Well this has really become an interesting few weeks.

I could see her whole body and it was phenomenal.

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My Name is Dean I was 18 years old at the time.

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We called up a nice 20 year old girl whom we had known for a while and asked her to babysit.

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She was to start the contract work very soon.

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They sat kissing.