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A is of course for A nal. She lay across his lap bottom tilted up hands dutifully clasp behind her back, legs spread wide as expected, but he knew she was still full of resentment over his decision to punish her. If you continue to remain silent, I will find another way to turn your attention to your misdeed. Why are you being spanked? His question received no reply.

Name: Dyanna

What is my age: I am 50
What I prefer to drink: Whisky
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The widest part of the toy stretched past her ring of muscle, giving her the most amazing feeling as her gorgeous ass swallowed it into place, the rubber bulb dangling down behind her. Sophie loved to suck cock, and it had been a while since she had feasted on black cock. Going to the cupboard again, Bruno selected a three feet long wooden pole with rope ties at each end.

Here they were now, all together in their new home, for their second session with Sophie. Oscar opened the door and took out a bottle of champagne, which he opened, pouring some into a flute. His smacking continued until her buttocks were red and tender even to the slightest touch.

Her sphincter felt like it was burning as the plug dilated her hole.

He secured the other end of the chain so that she was left partially dangling, her toes just touching the cold floor. It was already sopping wet, so her used two fingers, then three and finally all four, ramming them in and out of her squelching crevice faster until her juices became a frothy, creamy mess. Several smacks followed, her skin becoming hot and sore. A black leather armchair was positioned in a corner, next to a small refrigerator.

It opened, letting a cool draught flicker across the hall floor, between her naked thighs. Revealing the details to Oscar of her debauched session with Timothy and Victoria, had left her husband in a state of anger. Standing up, she straddled the woman, who was laying on her back on the tiled floor.

She jolted against her restraints as she felt the stinging pain unleashed on her. Her pussy was on fire, there was nothing like having her ass invaded, she absolutely loved it. He was black, and at lease six foot, six inches tall. She felt a stirring between hers legs, while she concentrated on pleasing Bruno. A day later, Sophie knelt nervously waiting on the hall floor, facing towards the front door.

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Oscar sat naked, sipping his chilled champagne, a leg draped over the arm of the chair. He had recently allowed her train as a Domme, to satisfy her sexual needs, and to expand her knowledge of BDSM. She knew she had made her Master cross, a short, sharp telephone conversation had proved that.

She was naked, except for a black latex corset, and her rubber slave collar, from which dangled her dog-chain. He locked his gaze on Sophie, who stared back at him with little expression. Bruno stood with his hands on his hips, feeling the warmth of her mouth travel up his hardening shaft, exciting him further. Do you see how your slut-wife enjoys this?

Ashely’s punishment

She slowly wrapped her lips around the end of his ebony shaft. Pussy juice leaked from her puffy cunt lips, and ran down her thighs. Finally, he fitted a red rubber ball-gag in her mouth, preventing her screams from becoming too loud. It felt so big to her, so good as well, Sophie thought. Her ass cheeks had been paddled hard by Bruno, and now she felt like she was being split in two.

Bruno steadily pushed the cone shaped toy into her rear, edging it past her seemingly elastic sphincter.

Rachel's punishment

Sophie had her eyes closed, and held her hands behind her head. Sophie needed to learn a lesson from her Master, he decided. Inside was a selection of restraints and whips, floggers, and canes. Sophie waited, listening intently for the footsteps up the path. Oscar and Bruno stood naked in the hall. This would have to be severe he thought, as his wife of ten years had proved on many occasions an appetite for punishment and degradation that had shocked even him.

Her long black hair was tied back in a ponytail. He proceeded to squirt an entire tube of lube into her hole, and began thrusting more fingers into her roughly until he could easily fit four inside her hot passage. Her jaw ached as she struggled to accommodate his thickness.

That was the finale for the evening, and shortly afterwards Sophie left after making an appointment for their next domination session. On a shelf were various dildos and butt-plugs. A heavily built man, he stood, stroking his rapidly growing erection, without taking his eyes from Sophie.

He sat lounging in the chair, sipping his drink, waiting for the performance to begin. Bruno moved closer to Sophie, holding his impressive erection inches from her face. He went to the cupboard and selected an inflatable rubber butt plug. Sophie wore towering thigh length black PVC stiletto boots, a black fishnet body stocking, her favourite red latex waist clincher and a pair of elbow length black latex gloves. Sophie clenched her teeth on the rubber ball gag as the level of pain increased.

She squirmed as she felt his thick fingers invade her. She heard the rustle of clothes being taken off, and her heart pounding like a drum. With the bulbous head of his cock lodged in her mouth, she began to gently suck.

Now much looser, he decided to introduce the butt toy to her ass. Oscar flicked on the light switch, and a single fluorescent tube stuttered into life, bathing the garage interior in a cold, stark light. Oliver stroked his thick cock, a dribble of pre-cum emerged from its purple tip.

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Bruno grabbed the latex bulb, and gave a good squeeze. She had bathed, douched, and applied make-up and perfume. She had confessed to Oscar of her latest experience as a Domme, a role that Oscar was still coming to terms with, even though it was his idea in the first place.

She knew that this could be bad for her. Victoria swallowed as fast as she could, but her mouth overflowed until she was lying in a huge puddle of pee. Sophie nodded, still sucking on Bruno. Oscar would be here soon, she thought. Sophie spread her cheeks for Bruno, blushing as her moist cunt-lips parted, betraying her increasing arousal, and revealing her inviting asshole.

She heard her husband and this man that she now knew to be called Bruno talking quietly. He gently stroked his hard cock as he watched Bruno humiliating and punishing his wife. She did as instructed, taking in the scene before her. The bare cemented floor felt cold to Sophie, although she knew things would be heating up in there very soon.

She heard someone walking up to the door, a key twisting in the lock. Oscar noticed the wet streaks appearing on her legs, and licked his lips. He was clearly enjoying the show. Sophie knelt in the middle of the garage floor, her hands clasped again behind her head. It was like the plug had come alive in her ass, filling with air, and pushing hard against the walls of her sweet ass. However, she did not recognise Bruno at all, and his presence was both shocking and also intimidating. She knew every millimetre of him, not least the thick fleshy cock between his legs.

Oh yes! He grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet. You pathetic little worm!

Anal punishment stories

Their agreement came with strict rules however, one of which was to discuss her sessions as a Domme in advance, out in the open. Bruno opened the cupboard, and smiled. She craved his cock, loving the feel of it inside her, using her body to give her Master pleasure.

She waited for her Master, the man she worshipped, the man who protected her, the man who could reward or punish her in an instant.

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The full bag was hooked over the top of the door, near the head of the bed.