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Hostess story Abdl friend forced for courtship

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For Chloe and her lover. Chloe has asked for me to tell her fantasy and promises to share it with her lover -- someday. If you care, tell Chloe to open herself to her lover, to let her lover change her panties for her -- SplendidSpunk What can I, a forty something woman with a daughter; a female lover and her two daughters tell anyone about love and life They made me spend the balance of that day in the same diaper, full of his cum and my own cunt juices, eventually mixed with urine. Late that night they took me to the bath and bathed me, giving me a few baby toys t

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She had a 4. She tried to fight him but he triumphed over her.

She thought he was hear to help her at first. She tried to flag him down. She did not think that she could overpower him. He was ready to go to phase two. She might not win this round but she was determined to win in the end. He did not seam the type. She tied to fight him.

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She wore a gray t shirt and green skirt and flip flops. He put her hands and feet into restraints. Everyone knew Darrin.

Darrin was a geinous. She had no idea how to stop it. He was a total periah. Her car and phone fell victim to a electromagnetic pulse. He haf captured her and sucefully whisked her to his private conpound.

He picked her up and brought her to the basement. He had created his own emp device. What she did not know is that her car and phone being rendered inoorible waa not an acident. Even the rejects rejected him. He stoped.

Forced regression

She was prety,intelligent and athletic. Of course she recognized him. She tried to restart the car. Please let me go? He did not fit the mold of a genus.

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He opened the trunk. His perents died a few years elier. He picked her up. He appeared to be a kind and gentle man.

He put her in his trunk. Things seemed realy good. He got her shirt off. It was felt that the sky was literaly the limit.

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The car stopped. He pulled off her gray t shirt. Traci bell had it all. He kept it qiet. One day she was on the road.

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What he did next was a big shock to her. The road was sparcly travaled. It was bad because it night be a while before someone came. He go out of the car. Her car sudenly. So far ao good he thought. He went over to her. For her wining was surviving.

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He brought out a diaper. Her cell phone stoped working. She kicked and screamed but nothing happened. He liked it. She was on tract to graduate in the top three of her class. He drove to the basement. It seemed he would win this struggle. The car died in thr midle of the road. He was stronger then her. She was highly saught after for internship.

Then he pulled her panties off. He was what many would label a savant. It was planed. He did not let that get him down. That was good and bad. She was sure that he was going to rape her. Then he pulled it off. He drove to his home. It did not fit the mold of being a nurd.

He knew how to overpower her. He unclasped her bra. He was only too happy to oblige.

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He pulled it off. He closed the trunk. He inherited the home. She kicked and screamed. He was rejected by the popular people but was also rejected by nurds.

He had not been seen. He put her on what looked like a medical gurney. She was convinced that she waa about to be raped. It gave him power. It seemed that she was wrong about him. She was dating a pre med student named phil. Graduating second in her high school class. That was what was the most important. There was simply nothing. She was traped. He did not want anyone to know especialy anyone in the u. He wanted it to be his. He then pulled down her skirt.

She could not even get it to turn on. He moved in.

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It just lost power. She was captain of her volly ball team that went to finals every year sense she ed the team. She never thought he would do that. Good in that no one would hit het car. She had a stady boyfriend as well. He had an instinctive genus. He did not fit to any mold.

She could any where.

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Chris makes the wrong choice when picking what girl to go home with.

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Hi I'm not a huge fan of the stories where the character is a AB from the start and I'm also not into the overly mean stories.

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AB and DL Stories.

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Chris makes the wrong choice when picking what girl to go home with.

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My name is Ryan.