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The episode aired on Thursday, April 28, While fixing dinner, Penny tells them that she won a night of wine tasting at work. Leonard wonders why scientists don't win things.

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Amy and Bernadette look at her funny and she explains that "it's a joke Raj is seeking advice on a killer first date with Lucy. Howard finds his old locker and still wonders, even though he has a masters degree in engineering, how a bully got him and his briefcase into his locker. Sheldon then says that he is not against people using [tools, which aggravates Leonard because, according to Sheldon, "Even an otter picks up a rock to open a clam.

Secrets from the set of 'big bang theory'

The girls are on their way to Disneyland. Leonard wants to give the idea a trial run. Howard adds exotic dancer "D. Howard asks Sheldon if he really thinks that he is one of the smarter kids and Sheldon replies that he is just a tool that he is using to make his point.

In a room full of bored and disinterested middle school girls, Leonard asks them in a wannabe rapper voice"Who's ready for some sci-ence??

Howard then reminisces about the many times he spent alone with Lt. Uhura in the shower. Then she asks if he flew the rocket, and Howard admits that he just rode inside the rocket.

The contractual obligation implementation

Amy goes into a long explanation of how she kept calling her boss as she went through the day before, leading him through a story about her food poisoning. Lucy comes in and the big guy tells her that she can do better. Penny adds that you have to remember that the ride is real short and they take your picture at the end so you have to get all your clothes back on before it's over.

Bernadette asks her if that's another joke and Penny tells her that she can laugh about it now.

Penny tells him that it's great since he brought fancy wine and made fondue. At Penny'sRaj thanks the ladies for again letting him crash girls' night. Again she says that she is making a joke Raj doesn't like this suggestion either because of all the crowds. At apartment 4ALeonard explains, as part of their contract with the universityhe, Sheldonand Howard are required to serve on a committee that promotes science among young women.

Howard starts to say something to the student, but then stops. Surprised, Raj denies even knowing what they are. Howard found out that the school was excited about it since he was their most famous alumni. Leonard suggests that all student papers be submitted with just the student's first initial so that they are not judged by gender.

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Sheldon explains that his character can use an battle axe as well as any man and Howard comments on how much milk his character could provide the world. Amy says that her mother claimed that playing hooky in girls being addicted to jazz and reefer jazz music. Sheldon tells him that he must feel good returning as an astronaut. Howard snaps back that her uncle just serves passengers nuts while he is an "American hero". The girls play hooky to go to Disneyland and get made up as Disney princesses.

Leonard is trying to persuade the others who would rather play video games because he happens to believe in this cause. Sheldon tells Leonard that the whole thing is a waste of time.

Bazinga! wine down and chill with a big bang (theory)

Leonard sarcastically replies that he drove him places yesterday for his errands. Leonard now takes over and explains that he is an experimental physicist. This episode first aired on Thursday, March 7, The guys go to Howard 's old middle school to try and get female students excited about science whilst Raj plans his first formal date with Lucy.

Leonard says they all learned something and it was fun too Sheldon is next and he calls them "female children" and tells them they are about to be inspired by the story of female scientist Madame Curie who died from radiationpoisoning] due to her discovery and work with radium]. Howard then reminds them that the last time he was here he was just a "scrawny little nerd". A student wants to know how he decided to become a scientist. Penny says that it's more like ending up in a Best Western motel with a year-old guy named Luther.

Leonard challenges Sheldon, that since he claims to be so smart, why doesn't he spend five seconds and come up with a suggestion. Howard complains that if he could have persuaded women to do things, he wouldn't have spent so much time in the shower. Amy hasn't been there since she was a kid and suggests that they go some weekend. Raj says no and tells the big man to climb back up whatever beanstalk he came down.

Back at the library, Raj and Lucy are having a good "text date", laughing at each other's comments. Sheldon then asks Leonard if they are done and can they go. The girls then decide to go to Disneyland themselves on Friday. Leonard ple for help so that he is not the smart kid doing all the work and the slackers sit back and watch.

Penny says that that is a "toughie". Howard proposes that they go to his old middle school to talk to some of the female students.

Bazinga! wine down and chill with a big bang (theory)

With a little hard work, Sheldon tells them, the same thing can happen to any of them. Then he raps a couple of lines, but the students look at him funny. Then, a taller student walks by and bumps into him and doesn't say he is sorry. Lucy tells him that she does web de for porn sites. They all want to be Cinderella, but Bernadette says that since it was her idea and she's driving she gets to be her or they can all walk home if they don't like it.

Lucy asks if they are eating there and Raj texts her that they are having a "texting date". They should start at the middle school level to set women on the road to the hard science, Leonard wonders why he didn't think of that.

Big bang theory sips on otago pinot

The guy says that he also has that problem and asks if he can them. Leonard asks them to think about the topic and also play a sexist game which has female characters with huge mammaries. Sheldon's real objection is to be required to do "banal committee work" which is like the Fantastic 4's Human Torch being asked to heat up a frozen burrito. Raj mentions that Lucy has some social anxieties and wants something simpler. Sheldon comments that some people are otters and some people are rocks.

Howard says no but he has been to the International Space Station. He feels that the problem shouldn't be addressed at the university level because it is too late. Sheldon stops his game play which aggravates Howard. Raj again asks for help on how to have a romantic date when he can't talk to her and she can't stand to be around people. He tests theories and gets to work with lasers. Leonard describes Star Trek as a society where they invented interstellar warp drive, but a African-American black woman still answered the space phone.

Raj tells him that he is getting ready for a date because he and his date are both uncomfortable in social situations. Howard tells them that they too can go into outer space. Penny wants to get drunk and ride the rides. Amy says she can't believe they are ditching work for Disneyland. Raj is setting a table at library with dining paraphernalia for his date with Lucy and a man sits down at the table. Sheldon is uncomfortable talking about science and doesn't know how to spark the interest of school children. Both Howard and Leonard scream "Nooo!

He really wanted to be a rap star like Snoop Dogg, but with more respect for the police, which gets a laugh from the students. The girls think for several moments and all Amy can do is ask if they want to do California Adventure too.

Raj texts back he really likes proms, but when Lucy looks at him funny. Then Leonard adds that now he's an astronaut. Penny adds that she slept with guys for less. Penny says she just works at the Cheesecake Factory and told them "bye". Bernadette thinks it's too crowded on weekends so Penny suggests that they blow off work one weekday.

Sheldon thinks that Howard is smart since they don't want any trouble. He goes over to his computer and googles "how one gets year-old girls excited". Sheldon says that that is not true because he is the smart kid doing all the work while the smarter kids watch. Amy says that evolutionary biology shows that women like men that are steady in the face of danger and suggests an unsafe environment like a seedy bar on the "wrong side of the tracks", a picnic near a lunatic asylum, or a wine tasting on skid row.

She replies that she likes the idea. He also tells her to remember that he has an adorable accent. Bernadette suggests Disneyland 's Space Mountain ride where you can hold hands in the dark.

Big bang theory sips on otago pinot

One student wants to know if he went to the moon. Finally, she says that he's like her uncle that flies around as a flight attendant. With that, Howard feels he's helped women enough and then fires up the Xbox and Sheldon s him. Bernadette wants to head straight to where they make you up to look like a Disney princess. Walking down the halls of Howard's old middle school, Leonard says that it was nice of Howard's old school letting them try out their science topic on some of their students. Leonard replies, "Helping women? Lucy tries to cover up her mistake by claiming she typed the wrong word due to an auto-correct error, she says she really works on prom sites.

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